Bloody Kithicor: Nurgal's Stone Vol. I-V

The goblins of the pickclaw tribe were not known for their wit. In fact, because of their extreme lack of intelligence, they have been abused in trades by just about every merchant in Norrath. If one were to wonder why the citizens of Highkeep permit the clan to live in the mines beneath their homes, the answer is quite simple, they are good miners and they trade the ores cheaply.

The goblins would slave day in and day out looking for the "shiny rocks" for which the stupid humans gave them coin. The fact that these same rocks actually made the coin is a feature that has escaped them thus far.

In addition to the humans of Highkeep, the goblins also make secret trades with both the Teir'Dal of Neriak and the Koada'Dal of Faydwer. The Teir'Dal would reward the goblins with decent arms and generally paid the best. They were dangerous to deal with as they were just as likely to kill you as pay you. Trading with the Koada'Dal was rather uncommon. The Koada'Dal only came seeking the few rare stones they used to create their arcane runes, which was fine for the pickclaws as no one else wanted those dull looking rocks. The pickclaw miner Nurgal was on par intellectually with of the rest of his clan. Nurgal was quite happy this day as he had found a new vein in his section of the mines. In fact, he'd already pulled three shiny yellow bricks today and was sure to get at least a fistful of copper for them! After chipping a few more layers he hit something very hard with his pick, so hard that his pick bent.

"Whaza!" he exclaimed.

In the crevice he revealed was a slightly glowing blue rock. "Hmm," he thought, "me never seen a blue rock afore." He tried chipping at a little bit more but could not even put a scratch into it. Finally in a display of rare brilliance, and after ruining several more tools, he decided to carve around the rock and yank it out.

The rock was spherical in shape, about 8 inches in diameter. Nurgal's eyes gleamed with a dull brilliance as he guess how many allies he could buy with this rare find. He quickly concealed it in his belt pouch, wary as always that some of the larger goblins might see it and take it from him. He quickly scrambled out of the hole he was working in and started off to the city to find the dark elf ambassador. The dark elves had always given Nurgal the best prices for rare finds, and this would be no exception he decided.


Tyrana Slil was quite pleased with Nurgal, especially since he swore that he brought his new find straight to her without telling anyone else. As one of the Teir'Dal ambassadors in Highkeep, it was Tyrana's job to be both spy and broker for materials gained in the keep. Although Tyrana enjoyed the dark end of her work, she really wanted to be back in Neriak. Working with these lesser races day in and day out was, after all, beneath her standards. She thought, "And thanks to this stupid creature, I may just have a ticket back there."

"So, u pay me big?" he asked with a disgustingly lustful gaze.

"Sweet sweet Nurgal, you've been so kind to me, how can I ever repay you? More wine?" Gods how she hated having to play the role of seductress to this loathsome creature, but nevertheless, her tactics were effective. Nurgal gulped the wine, most of which ended up on his gut, and seemed most pleased with himself. "Now, let us see just what kind of properties this find of yours has."

She had the orb centered on the table, although she was not the most practiced geologist, as a necromancer of Innoruuk she did have some powerful identification spells at her disposal. As she finished her minor enchantment there was a birght flash of blue light and a burning sensation that caused her to jump back, shrieking. Nurgal promptly jumped under the table wanting no part of the dark elf's wrath that was sure to follow.

But instead of draining Nurgal's life as she stared at her now burnt fingertips, Tyrana begin to cackle with unabashed glee. "By Innoruuk's hand this is no mere metal! It's magic properties alone are the strongest I've seen!" Realizing that his mistress was happy again Nurgal pulled himself up from the floor and smiled. "Nurgal. Are there more of these where you found this one, in the mines?" she asked.

"Umm, me not know,but usually when me find one type of shiny rock me find more later," he replied.

"I must get both this rock and this information to Neriak at once," Tyrana thought to herself, "But, before I leave, I must have this wretched creature show me where he found this, so I can be done with him."

After Nurgal was appropriately intoxicated, Tyrana tried to convince the goblin to show her where it was he found this vein of strange blue ore. Nurgal was hesistant to reveal the location of his find to the dark elf but after Tyrana offered him a sizeable reward, the goblin finally agreed. Calling for a guard from the keep to escort them, Tyrana followed Nurgal down into the mines where he revealed the location of the strange blue vein of ore.

Tyrana was very pleased with Nurgal's find and complimented the goblin on a job well done. After inspecting the vein of ore, Tyrana turned to the goblin and grinned, her hands began to glow with a pale green light.

Nurgal jumped in fear as the magic began to swirl and build around Tyrana. The coarse hair on the goblin's body began to bristle with the building energy. Ducking his head, Nurgal blathered, "What you doing, You not hurt Nurgal now?"

Tyrana continued to smile at the goblin and said in a sweet voice, "Why Nurgal! I'm not going to hurt you, I'm simply creating your reward!" No sooner had the Teir'Dal uttered these words did she draw away the full sum of Nurgal's lifeforce. With a pitiful squeal, the goblin slumped to the ground, a dry and empty husk. Tyrana laughed.


Concealing the large blue sphere in her packs she prepared to journey back to Neriak to report her find. Tyrana sought out Grigog, Bgug, Saag, and Glunn a group of Orcs of the Shralok clan. Tyrana often used these four as escorts for her journeys between Neriak and Highkeep. Though she always paid the orcs well for their services, they were always willing to help protect "bootifal" Tyrana Slil and likely would do the job free of charge.

Grigog was the leader of the mercenaries, slightly bigger then the others and a rather powerful shaman to boot. Bgug was the most demented of the Orcs and delighted in the torture of his already dead opponents. He would usually cut small openings into different parts of the body trying to guess the identity of certain anatomical parts. He would do this until Grigog kicked him in the back of the head, breaking his morbid trance.

Saag was easily one of the biggest and dumbest orcs in the lands. He was utterly useless when given complicated orders butonce someone gave him a target it was assured that it would stand no more, be it human or inanimate object. When not fighting he enjoyed staring into empty space and drooling. Glunn was another matter altogether. He was as happy-go-lucky as an orc could be. He was celebrating his 12th birthday but because he could not remember exactly when he was born, he had been celebrating his birthday for several days now and planned to continue celebrating it for a few more, just to be safe. Tyrana was very good at ignoring the orcs. She cared only that they were strong fighters and were fiercely loyal to her. They proved their usefulness to her once again that day.

The group met with some minor resistance along their way to Neriak, in the form of some humans that assumed the worst upon seeing a dark elf being escorted by a group of rather large orcs. Saag and Glunn were left behind in the battle as the remaining three slipped away during the commotion. Saag and Glunn were presumed to have been slain during the conflict. Tyrana could have cared less for the sacrifice of her protectors. From that point onward, they moved quickly as word spread of their travels and further resistance began. Tyrana and the remaining orcs were soon joined by other curious Teir'Dal who, ever loyal to their own, helped to drive back the attackers.

With her now rather large retinue of curious Teir'Dal and others friendly to the dark elven cause, they arrived in Neriak Commons. There, Tyrana met with Laarthick K'Shin and they proceeded to go to the Neriak Academy of Lesser Magics. She handed the stone to Laarthik, whispering quietly with him as the crowd of onlookers looked on curiously.


Turning the sotne over in his hand a few times, Laarthik K'Shin looked to Tyrana and said in a stern voice, "Very well Tyrana. You may return to Highpass at this time."

Shocked at being ordered back to the place she disliked, even in the face of this momentous discovery, she began to protest, "Surely you will not send me back to the den of humanity! The place reeks of those sightless fools and the filthy creatures that war daily with them! Does not my discovery earn me the right to be freed from such lowly duty?"

His face twisting in disgust, Laarthik shot back, "Hold your tongue woman before I remove it from your head! As a member of an insignificant and non-noble house, you have no 'right' to anything! You will do as you are told and be happy that you are allowed to serve us."

Moving sharply, he wrote upon a parchment with quick, jagged motions. Thrusting the parchment toward Tyrana, he barked, "Here are your orders. Leave me at once."

Removing the bag from his vest, he scattered a pile of gold coins upon the table behind him and said, "Those loyal brethren that wish to escort Tyrana back to High Keep may take their payment now." Turning quickly, he marched from the room. Mouth agape, Tyrana stood in shock for a moment. Then, snarling to herself Tyrana strode indignantly form the Academy, her escorts following close behind.

The Wood Elves are thought by some, to be the least active race on Norrath, content with living their lives in their beloved forest fighting off the occassional Orc incursion. This is far from the truth however. Tunare's Martyrs have many operatives throughout Faydark and Antonica, even keeping one stationed in Erudin. Felinin Deepwood was the Highkeep operative and was charged with keeping tabs on the Teir'Dal actions within. He was young for his rank and eager to please his superiors and Tunare. For weeks his main target, Tyrana, had done nothing but buy various types of ore from the goblins and make a few shady deals with the local Merchants.

Word of Tyrana Slil's strange and sudden journey to Neriak convinced him that the Teir'Dal were up to something terrible. He made the decision that he would take action, figure out what was going on, and try to stop them. He gathered those folk in the area that were willing to help stop the Teir'Dal and began to lay plans for an ambush.


Tyrana, Grigog, Bgug and the few Teir'Dal escorts brave enough to get close to the human keep stepped into the dark forest of Kithicor. Her head filled with rage from Laarthik's cold rebuke, Tyrana was taken by surprise as Bgug slumped to the ground, clutching at the arrow in his back. Her violet eyes wide with terror, she shouted, "Ambush! We are under attack!"

Suddenly, the forest was alive with arrows flying, the sound of metal clanging against metal. Everything was electric as spells were channeled and great explosions erupted sending lifeless bodies sailing through the air. Drawing forth her dagger, she faced off with Felinin, a feral snarl flashing across her face.

Lunging forward to stab the Wood Elf in the chest, Felinin dodged easily and slashed with his scimitar seriously wounding Tyrana's leg. Suddenly fearful for her life, Tyrana began to call upon the dark art of Necromancy to steal the precious life energy of the Fier'Dal and heal her grave wound. Felinin's attacks were relentless and the dark elf was not able to channel forth the energy necessary to complete her spell. A final cruel blow to her chest sent Tyrana Slil reeling. Stumbling to the ground gasping for breath, she died.

Tyrana Slil defeated and her escorts dead or fleeing for their lives, Felinin congratulated those that helped him on a job well done. Searching the now lifeless body of the Teir'Dal, he found the note that had been given to Tyrana from Laarthik. The note held grave news for the citizens of High Keep and indeed, all of Antonica. The Teir'Dal had decided it was time to take High Keep as their own.

Wasting no time, Felinin made his way to the keep and delivered the grave news to Lord Tephys, the High Elven ambassador. Lord Tephys was greatly concerned by the news. Lord Tephys called for a meeting of the allied races at the keep. Runners were dispatched immediately to all corners of the known world, taking the news and begging representatives to attend this meeting of serious importance.

Source: Ingame book