The Wheel of Tarton

You say, 'Hail, Sulgar'
Sulgar says 'Hail, traveler! Would you happen to [know] the location of any of the spokes of Tarton's Wheel?'
You say, 'I don't know the location of tarton's wheel'
Sulgar says 'Tarton's Wheel was a device that Tarton constructed to let him travel through the planes. If you are [interested] in helping me reassemble it, I will [reward] you well.'
You say, 'I am interested'
Sulgar says 'Tarton's Wheel was split into 10 separate pieces. These pieces were then scattered across the face of Norrath. I have a [tome] that I can [give] you, detailing the wheel of Tarton, as well as a [wheel case] that you can have when you are ready to assemble the pieces.'
You say, 'would you give me the tome ?'
Sulgar says 'This tome details the wheel of Tarton, and the lore on where the pieces of it may be found. Use it in good faith.'

The Wheel of Tarton
Tarton had a wheel
That once he built
Ten spokes to wood
Bound by a star

Tarton had a wheel
To roam the planes
Shaped twice by ice
To guide his way

Tarton had a wheel
That once he lost
Clash in the Sky
To earth he fell

Tarton had a wheel
Was sundered past
The pieces scattered
Across the world


In the crossin
Of the waters
Rests a ship
On its side

Drown sailors
Swim around it
Past this ship
The Azia lies


In the land
Of wind and snow
This stream of water
Does not flow

Below the ice
Upon dry land
The Beza rests
Held by no hand


In the Lake of Rathe
An island looms
It hides a treasure
In its womb

A stone tower
Protected sleeps
Those who guard it
Can not weep


A cauldron stews
But does not boil
Its edges rock
Not dirt or soil

Inside the cauldron
Lurks a door
The Dena lies
Some paces score


Once trolls did live
Within these halls
Then vengeance struck
Their might did fall

A well of water
Upside down
The Ena rests
Yet does not drown


The tears of Marr
A pool make
Two towers stand
Within this lake

In one tower
Guarded high
The Fana dreams
Of sleeping dry


Upon the mountain
Through the pass
The Tiger Roars
With eyes of glass

The Tiger sees
The waters fall
Geza is held
Under its thrall


Under this city
Upon the coast
Tunnels stretch
And secrets boast

Two dark pits
Within the ground
Fins circle Heda
Round and round


Under the Mountain
Where the sunless mass
The Blind Fish swims
With eyes of glass

The Blind Fish sees
Through azure haze
The Izah rests
Within its gaze


Upon this house
Wars laid a Doom
Its owners rise
From beyond the tomb

Now sunken is
A Dwarven crest
Where the Jaka lies
But can not rest

Source: Ingame book / Quest dialog
There is also a Tarton's Wheel quest (and book) in Everquest II.
The story of that quest is Wheel of Time.