1- Rumors on the Wind

The filthy waters lap rhythmically at the shores of The Overthere. A well-worn boat parts the veil of lazy mist hanging still in the air as it makes its last strides toward land. The strained hull groans softly as it swims toward the sands, finally grating onto the shore.

A tall, tattered figure stands at the bow. His stature and the breadth of his shoulders give away his barbarian heritage. His eyes, gray as the waters, flit along the sands toward the outpost looming nearby as he assesses the immediate dangers.

Seemingly satisfied, he walks amidships, puts a hand on the side of his boat, Thorn of the White Rose. He jumps over the edge to land knee-deep in water with barely a splash.

With that landing, Morden Rasp took another step on the path of a rumor -- one that set him upon the waves and one that he intends to follow to its end. He has heard of trouble amongst the Sarnak.

Morden walks from the surf to a steep incline where grains of sand meet the grass. He leaves no trace, no footprints. As his body rises up to a ledge, he crouches in perfect relationship, his presence barely detectable.

He sees no trace of passing patrols, only wildlife wanders nearby as the willful rogue kneels motionless and quiet for a short time. The deep creases in Morden's brow begin to smooth as he sees no enemies. In ferine movements, he moves back from the ledge. On the sands once again, he turns and slips silently back to the boat.

"All is clear Nedaria," he says in a voice that travels on the air in soft baritones. "It looks like we found ourselves an adequate spot. I need to survey the area before we set up camp though. Come down."

A hardened Erudite face peers over the side of the boat at Morden.

"Lend me a hand?" she asks as she folds back the sleeves of her robe.

"I shall, but you must read my fortune tonight," he says, with a slanted grin.

"You never do anything for free, do you?" Nedaria huffs as she lowers the scruffy rope ladder.

He holds her gently as she carefully makes her descent onto the sands.

Morden and Nedaria turn and walk up the beach together. They are age-old companions, moved by loyalty to one another and adventure...anywhere.