Omens of War Prelude

The Wayfarers Brotherhood is considering meeting the Muramites on their home turf to end their tyrannical ways once and for all, in a place called the Realm of Discord.

The Brotherhood is still puzzled by the realm, unsure if it will take the risk of going there. However, this team of wayfarers is doing what it can to learn from the Taelosians about the dark lands. There has been talk of preparing to build a portal in order to open a way to Discord - much like the Taelosians once did, except this time Norrath would have the advantage of preparation.

Taelosians have told the Wayfarers Brotherhood that the lands of Discord are most surely a twisted and volatile place - even the Muramites seem to fear them. Word tells of constant war there.

The Muramites have been heard commenting that Taelosia is a welcome break from the chaotic Realm of Discord, with its crazed creatures and dangerous magic. Nothing there is at it seems.

Everyone has now learned of Mata Muram, the leader of the legion - a terrible creature seeking to build the ultimate army by any means necessary, including stealing beings from other worlds.

Mata Muram is much older than almost every member of his army, and well protected. He is described by Muramites as unmerciful, powerful, a worthy leader - although there are rumors that he is obsessed with revenge against someone. Some Muramites have been overheard describing Mata Muram as some sort of dragon.

No one knows when the Realm of Discord and its counterpart, the Realm of Order, came into existence. In both are rulers that are all-knowing and all-seeing, yet are never seen or touched - much like the Nameless.