4- The Fall of the Mighty T'Haen

Distant footsteps echoed eerily down the passageway ahead of Ascendance. The portal into T'Haen's lair remained open to them, a reminder of the traitorous usurper they'd laid low. Now it was up to them to set things right. Neither the Hand of Marr nor the Brethren of Night had the fortitude to do what needed to be done, so now this duty fell upon their shoulders: T'Haen must be destroyed.

An uncertain quiet lingered in the air as they emerged through the rune-covered door. Only the sound of the upper falls cascading into the shallow pools below the central spire could be heard. Unafraid, Ascendance pressed on.

They knew the way. They'd been here before. But T'Haen had not been idle since being freed from his imprisonment. Giant gargoyles were animated by the power of T'Haen's necromancy and his old vampiric guardians once again stalked the crypt, brought back to serve for all eternity. Wards hindered the adventurers' progress and hallhounds stalked them from the shadows, ripping at the heels of the intruders. Finally breaking through T'Haen's last ward, they pressed on upward through the caverns and across the natural buttresses, climbing ever higher toward the vampire lord.

Nearly exhausted, they reached the top of the cave only to be greeted by the ring of T'Haen's mocking voice. Of course he knew they would come. Unafraid of the possibility of defeat, he spoke to them of their impending doom. And suddently, the battle was joined.

But we know how the story ends, for these brave souls are alive to tell it. Congratulations to the members of Ascendance, the first to defeat the mighty T'Haen:

And special congratulations to Drave, who was awarded the artifact known as the Gift of Cristanos!

Ascendance is a guild on the Neriak server, they were the first to defeat T'Haen.