Djinn Scriptorium Papers

This is a collection of scattered papers about Mudeef from the Scriptorium in the Shimmering Citadel.

For while Mudeef remained a guest of the Master, he stole many small yet valuable items; some of which included vessels from the Plane of Sky. When the Trickster returned to his desert city, he used dark arts to imprison and cruelly abuse several djinn. The Master pursued him, bringing his entire citadel into Mudeef's world to keep watch and bring home the kidnapped innocents; innocents whom Mudeef tortures to this very day.

In the long ago, when travel between the Planes was common, Mudeef the Vizier made the point of visiting other realms to form alliances and friendships that would benefit his people. As calamities began to fall upon other areas, Mudeef begged his friends to consider moving to Maj'Dul with its sturdy walls.

Though many thanked Mudeef for his generosity, the Djinn Master seethed when he learned that many djinn were foresaking his fiefdom for the more relaxed lifestyle in Maj'Dul. The Djinn Master sent spies to the Vizier, cloaked as gifts of silver, crystal and gold, in order to keep watch over Mudeef. This faithless "friend" planned to wrest control of the city from Mudeef.

In the long ago, a poor beggar wandered the desert. His robes were tattered and torn and he was near death from thirst. A djinna from the Plane of Sky encountered the beggar and took pity upon him, bringing him with her to the Shimmering Citadel. As he recovered his strength, he told marvelous tales of how he, Mudeef, had been the ruler of a city of humans, but had been deposed through trickery and deceit.

Source: Ingame book