Journal of Gimblestan XIV

From the notes of Gimblestan, First Assistant to King Ak'anon the X
Tinkering Arts

Volume XIV

Today our party embarked upon a quest of high adventure, setting out to catch that most elusive of prey, the crafty minotaur. Zookeeper Visgig had posted a rich reward for a live capture - I believe that he is looking for a new zoo exhibition. The rest of my party seemed to be interested in the money; my reason was to fieldtest my latest inventions.

Once into the Steamfont Mountains, I produced the first of my new toys, a portable location detection unit. I call it a COMPASS, after my wife Compassvna, who never can seem to orient her way anywhere. The design is quite simple. Taking a pie tin, I filled it with a flask of water. After running a static orb over an old skewer, I stuck the skewer into a cork and placed it in the pie tin. The others were quite impressed with the functionality.

Journal Note: Transvin suggested a new device, a MECHANICAL LOCKPICK. I think this could be acomplished quite easily. Materials to try - lockpicks, gears, sprockets. Perhaps a rat ear, for use in the amplification of the sound. Must try to make one when we return.

As night approaches, I brought out my FLAMELESS TORCH. Yet another simple device I am surprised nobody else thought of. Taking a large lantern, I removed the regular fuel system and replaced it with a flask of firewater. Wrapping it with metal twine produces a gentle light, as the heat from the firewater causes the twine to glow.

Our hunting party was very appreciative.

As we approached the minotaur settlement, our warriors unstrung their bows. Jarnikiv, Master Fletcher, had provided us with a new type of composite bow, one using CAMS. The gears and gnomish bolts, once greased, gave our composite bows range superior to our old recurve bows. With these ready we crept stealthily through the night. Transvin, scouting ahead, reported the far-off sound of minotaur singing.


Source: Ingame book