Freeport Coalition of Tradesfolke?s Basic Guide

Any great civilization is not built in a day. Look at how long we have survived and prospered, through the adversity of time and place. And yet, we are more than a city of might and brawn. The skills of our artisans and tradesfolk provide us with improved weaponry and armor as well as other vital products. -- Trade Commissioner Lasarian Nasin, Freeport Coaltion of Tradesfolke

In order to be competitive in today's marketplace, the Freeport Coalition of Tradesfolke provides you with this basic guide to commerce. You will learn many things on your own over time, so do not consider this book your only guide to success. Rely on your own resources and skills and you will prosper.

Upon arrival at your new district, speak with the Overseer immediately. Once you have settled in, proceed to the Wholesaler in your district. As you know, every district caters to different clientele, therefore the Freeport Coalition of Tradesfolke maintains separate yet equal connections in each of them. In this way, we can ensure the quality of the merchandise being offered in service of the Overlord.

The local Wholesalers have their fingers on the pulse of the market. They know exactly what is needed and will rely on your abilities to harvest valuable resources and return them safely. Each Wholesaler depends on you, the artisan, to provide only the highest quality materials with which to work. Remember that the final product's quality depends on the resource from which it is made. Do not attempt to pass off inferior items as this damages not only your reputation, but perhaps your life.

All begin the steps to wealth this same way, through the Wholesaler. You will find that artisans may tread different paths over time. Each has its own rewards and each is equally valuable in the Freeport Coalition of Tradesfolke's chain. As you earn the respect and trust of your district Wholesaler, you will be granted access to information concerning alternatives to merely providing resources to the community.

Being an artisan is a noble calling. We work independently and yet ultimately combine our efforts towards serving the Overlord (and our own coinpurses). You will be able to earn a decent wage based entirely on your own efforts, provided you keep abreast of the latest developments by working with the Wholesaler in your district. The Overlord knows the value of the artisan to Freeport's society; it is no less a place than that of any brave fighter or learned mage. Do not disappoint him.

Source: Ingame book