Druzzil Ro - The Matron of the Art

Druzzil has white hair which is held back from her face by a massive platinum crown with a single white gem that blazes like a brilliant white star upon her brow.

She is tall, youthful in appearance, with a resemblance to Erudite in skin and body structure.

The Demi-Plane of Magic became the home of the goddess of magic. In its natural state, it is an infinitely expansive plane of perfect white and unblemished marble under a gray and featureless sky, though one would likely never glimpse her plane in such a state.

Through the will of Druzzil Ro, her home takes the shape, form and features that reflect her current mood. Her plane is simply a canvas for her art.

Zebuxoruk discovered the way to become as powerful as Gods and wanted to share this with all norrath.
For this, the Gods had a meeting and decided to put him into stasis for if his knowledge had to be known by everyone the balance of the powers would be destroyed, and all things with it.
During the Planar Progression quest, players were working on going back in time to stop the Gods from putting him into a stasis.
At the end of this quest, Zebuxoruk is freed but Druzzil Ro intervene, sending players back in time before they go back in time (are you still following? :)) themselves to free Zebuxoruk.
By doing that, messing with time, Druzzil Ro created a parallel universe of Norrath in which Everquest II takes place, as stated in The Words of Zebuxoruk.
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Druzzil Ro - The Matron of the Art
Druzzil Ro - The Matron of the Art