A Tattered Journal

The edges of the journal are tattered and worn. Upon the cover is a faded gilt title: "My Travel Journal." Slender threads hold the fragile pages in place. Each page but the last is crowded with letters and drawings.

Day 1. How envious my friends are! Though I have not yet completed my studies, our instructors chose me to be a field investigator. I will be off to distant lands, documenting what I learn in this journal, a parting gift from my family. I cannot wait to see the wonders of our world with my own eyes!

Day 5. One thing I did not prepare for is the abrupt changes in my environment. Today as I studied the insects scuttling beneath an overturned rock, a sudden rain storm caught me by surprise. I had barely gathered my instruments when as quickly as it arose, the rain stopped. Taking its place in the sky: a rainbow.

Day 8. Now and then in the night, I hear odd creatures calling and feel compelled to pack my things and follow them. It's a marvelous thing, to be free to travel this way. I go where I please and whenever I wish. There is a band of roving entertainers camped nearby; perhaps I'll join them!

Day 16. Horrible, wracking cough. I don't know where I picked this cold up, but I cannot seem to shake it. The past few days are a blur to me. I feel as though I've been fumbling in a fog. This morning, I woke out in a field without my tent or bedroll. I do not know how I got here.

Day 19. All better now. I've encountered some fellow travellers who offered me several different herbal remedies. Not sure which, but one of them worked. My fever is gone and I'm back to work documenting the creatures I see. Today I am tracking some fay creatures through the woods. The air sparkles about them with a gold and silver light.

Day 21. My cold is back. Generally feel miserable, but I must push on. I've completed a catalog of different fay creatures and have sent my report back to the school. My drawings were not as well rendered as I would like, but I cannot stop my hand from shaking.

Day 24. So cold, always. Another group of travellers is helping me. I was not prepared for how kind folks are to an unfortunate person such as myself. If I could only repay them. When I am better, I will think of something.

Cannot focus on the words. There is something I must do. Don't know what. Don't remember. So kind, these people are. So kind.

Source: Ingame book : GM event (Halting the Plague)
This book has been sent by mail to the people who participated to the GM event concerning the Plague.