The Halls of the Dead Creature Cataloging

While stories have said that "dead ones tell no tales," these stories are not about Stormhold or Fallen Gate. The dead of these regions are still anxious to tell their tales, as they walked the world during some of its most turbulent and violent periods. Stormhold was the base for the ancient order called Knights of Thunder, while the First Gate was an entrance to Neriak, home of the Teir'Dal.

Stormhold's location was unknown for many seasons but is now known to be located in the foothills of eastern Antonica on Karan. On D'Lere, Fallen Gate can be reached somehow through the Commonlands. As is usual with ancient bastions, the exact locations are generally known yet never committed to writing lest the writer find himself victim of an unfortunate accident.

Both Fallen Gate and Stormhold are primarily below ground. Carved from the stones surrounding them, the weight of the world above provides great insulation against any temperature fluctuations above. They are generally cool, but not uncomfortably so. It is wise however to bring a cloak or other wrap to keep out the chill.

As sunshine and warmth do not penetrate into these caverns, the primary flora of Stormhold and First Gate are varieties of fungi and lichens. One exception in First Gate is the extremely rare cavern feeder. It is pale and faintly luminescent, growing beside underground pools. It is a carnivorous plant that dips into the water to strain discarded entrails and small fry.

It is said scenes of sudden assault are haunted by those who took part in the battles. First Gate and Stormhold prove this to be true. Ghosts and apparitions of ancient warriors and mages continue to haunt their former assignments, looking at all who enter as enemies. Being underground regions, they are each infested with various bugs, snakes and leeches as well.

Source: Ingame book