City of Kunzar

Nestled deep in the plains of the Overthere rests the cliff city of Charasis. This city of grandeur was home to the mighest of all Iksar tribes, the Kunzar.

Charasis is also recorded as the birthplace of the great Emperor Venril Sathir the uniter. Although Emperor Sathir ruled from the Kunazar city of Sebilis, he was rumored to have stored his most valuable possesions within the library of Charasis.

Emperor Sathir's beloved, Drusella, rests within a grand crypt in Charasis' depths. After her funeral and burial, Emperor Sathir cast all citizens from the cliff city. Only the royal guard and servants where allowed tp stay, forever.

These iskar were never again to feel the warmth of the sun or bask in the moonlight. It is written that Emperor Sathir craftted a spell to hide the entrance of Charasis from raiders and those who dared to steal his knowledge and defile his beloved Drusella's crypt. Emperor Sathir would visit the cliff city frequently. What he would do inside is not known.

Upon the death of one of Emperor Sathir's royal guard was revealed the secret to gaining entry into Charasis. Upon a tattered scroll did the guard record the secret. The scroll is now lost to the world. Taken as pure babble by the mortician, it was cast aside and lost to time.

After Emperor Sathir's death his son and new emperor, Rile is the last to hold the secret of entry. The ancient cult of Emperor Sathir known as the The Arisen are rumored to have acquired the lost scroll of the royal guard. They are said to care for the crypt of the late Emperpr Sathir.

It was during the time known as the End Days that the spirits of Tunare, Underfoot and the Rainkeeper destroy most of the great cities of the ancients. Charasis and it's guardians and treasures are lost forever. May those entombed within guard her secrets from invader.

So let it be know that Darkmask and Pizo have found a secret treasure, hidden in the overthere, a land of many dangers, but apparently it yeilds quite a reward. To the library we must recover these lost items.

Source: Ingame book