Yvonnes Guide to Alchemy

Herbs, and their uses.

Many do not believe in the power of the herb, just as I have no tolerance for the ignorant. Here are some of the more common herbs and the uses I have found for them. Perhaps by testing things out for yourself you can come up with some useful concoctions.

Years ago my brother Piter very weak from practicing his summons. A little of this fixed him right up.

Sage Leaf:
I have found this to be very useful for keeping your wits about you. I put this in tea for the nighttime patrolling guards in Tox, keeps them awake.

Often given to babies with ear infections, this herb keeps the inner ear fluids in proper order.

This herb has many uses. It sharpens reflexes and improves hand-eye coordination. I often give it to the young Shadow Knights when they are testing to become true seekers of the dark truth.

Maidenhair Fern:
This little fern seems to have the most wonderful effects with ones emotions and I often use it for making my secret love potions.

Mandrake Root:
This is a very potent herb. It is said that even the essence of magic itself shies away from the extract of this root.

I have used this herb more times then you can imagine. Whenever I burn myself on the side of my cauldron I use Allspice extract to soothe the burn and quell the pain.

I don't know for sure but this herb is rumored to actually raise the body temperature and is used to treat frostbite.

Although poisonous by nature, if used correctly it can actually prevent the effects of most poisons.

Many people hang this herb above their beds. It is believed to keep the minions of Bertoxxulous away.

Source: Ingame book