My Brethren,

Today we embark on a journey that will lead us past the boundaries of our known world.
It is by our choice that we make this journey, to discover new lands, and to make a new home for ourselves. It is an honor to call you countrymen and friends. Let us rejoice in our accomplishments as we take the lands of our pitiful brothers, and show them the way of the true gnoll. Be well, my brothers, and may the gods guide your hands.

Ishva Verishe Val

Tesch Val,

you must recover, from the archives, the incantation to speed our transit to the new continent. Let not one of the council members see you, or you will surely be slain. You must complete this task I have laid before you, or they will eventually find us and slay us. The accursed council knows of my of my location, so I must be off. Slay the messenger of this note when you have finished reading it.

Good journey to you, my faithful.


Rosch Val,

our plans have failed. We must escape this continent or risk being slain by the other elders on the council. My place upon the council was forfeit once it became known that I practiced the dark magiks. We must quicken our search for the maps. If we are unable to find the spell which will open the gate to Antonica, then we must acquire another means of travel.


Fear not my bretheren! We have taken this home and we shall make it our own! Use what resources we have to establish our selves here. Care not about the Theth, for they are our inferiors. Use their goods, use their services, and use their skins if need be. In time, we shall feel our former glory!

Ishk kal hobra!

Source: Ingame book