Advanced Armor Tinkering Manual

Greetings Gnomes! I am pleased to share with all of you my research thus far on upgrading Clockwork Watchman armor into two sets of sturdy armor more befitting of a Gnome! I first noticed that the need for a set of Chainmail was needed for the Shadowwalkers, the assassins of Ak'Anon. To begin with I needed a set of gears that would replace the old ones, a set that would never wear down. To make them I took a normal gear and braced it inside of my toolbox then poured Celestial Temper onto it. For each gear I did this to it would suddenly start to glow and edges sharpen.

Next I would need some temper to color the armor just the right hue. To make it something to be proud of I used Minotaur Blood as the prime ingredient. I then added Firewater and Gnomish Spirits. After brewing these three together I got a nice metallic colored temper.

I then began to work on the Shadowwalker armor! Taking the Clockwork Watchman armor I placed it inside of a Small Chainmail Pattern appropriate to the armor piece. I then tinkered an imbued ruby or imbued black sapphire into the piece of armor. All the while also pouring on the metallic temper and fitting the imbued gears into place. Here is a list of the number gears needed for each part:

Coif: Two gears.
Tunic: Three gears.
Sleeves: Three gears.
Bracelet: One gear.
Gloves: Two gears.
Pants: Three gears.
Boots: One gear.

After all that hard work a full set of Clockwork Shadowwalker Armor was created! Not only was it reinforced with power but also it kept the ability of the original armor piece intact.
Using a class five battery will recharge it should the power run out.

Finally I began to work on the set of armor that I named Clockwork Observer's Armor. I used all the same ingredients that I did for the Shadowwalker armor, but substituted Small Plate Molds were appropriate.

Source: Ingame book