Delivered Note

Mother talked to me again and urged me to help you with your pastry business. I argued with her for hours about how you've given my prior recipes away. I will tell you a few to start with only one stipulation. If I see these goods sold from any other merchant you'll never talk to me again. It's time you learned to control your gossip.

The family secret "Dough" is made from a Cup of Flour, a snake egg, and a bottle of milk. You can make several other recipes from it.

Now for the recipes you asked about. Winter Chocolate is produced from two portions of frosting and Brownie Parts. Try to keep the brownie parts fresh and away from the sun. ONce you have Winter Chocolate you can make Chocolate Cookies by using a Clump of Dough, Spices, Frosting, and Winter Chocolate. If you prefer you can also make Chocolate Muffins by combining a Clump of Dough, Fruit, and Winter Chocolate. Be sure to use a Muffin Tin.

When selling goods always use a sales pitch. Since you're just starting out try, "Chocolate Cookies! Made from real Brownies!"

I wish you well on your journey.

Remember, this is a family secret tell anyone and you won't tell me anything ever again.


Source: Ingame book