Advanced Teachings of Magus Walnan vol. I-VII

My years of wandering the earth have given me insights into the workings of magic that not all magi are exposed to. I do not claim to be the last authority on anything, nor do I wish to claim responsibility for the effects my spells may have.
I do, however, wish to share the knowledge that I have gained with those who seek to learn. I feel as though our community has been left without a solid guide for some time, and perhaps I may help to fill that gap. Take this knowledge and do well with it.


The Efficiency of Summoning

As the focus of the Magician lies in harnessing the elements of the world around us, one of our talents lies in our ability to call forth from them certain tools to aid us in our work. My travels have led me to many places where supplies are not available, and I have strived to
perfect these tools to be as useful as possible. The following are the results of my study.

This is a useful spell while traveling, as you do not need to purchase food, water, or first aid supplies. This allows us to concentrate more fully on the tasks at hand, rather than waste precious time seeking towns or shops.

Gift of Xev: Coin of Xev - Words of Restraint

No party is complete without fireworks, and if there are no Gnomes with the talent to make them, what to do? While not so useful in so far as serious study goes, this is a great spell for when you have some downtime amongst friends to celebrate your success.

Bristlebane's Bundle: Card of Bristlebane, Words of Domination


I perfected this spell while hunting in the desert with a small party. We managed to become rather lost and our supplies dwindled. I concentrated on bringing forth weapons for our protection, beyond the meager types that I was already familiar with. The following three spells were the result of this meditation, and they are indeed useful in such situations.

Quiver of Marr: Coin of Xev, Words of Domination

Bandoleer of Luclin: Staff Shard of Luclin, Words of Restraint

Pouch of Quellious: Writ of Quellious, Words of Restraint

This spell came to me quite by accident, while I was working with some new forms of pet control in regards to our elementals. I was attempting to create a type of muzzle that would give more precise control, however when I applied it to my pet the results were most astonishing.

Muzzle of Mardu: Mist of Povar, Primordial Substance, Words of Capacity


The Vocerate of Water was most difficult for me to harness at will. Such a tricky element, but at last I found a reliable method of recalling this element to aid me. I do hope that he serves you as well as I.

Vocerate Water: Mist of Povar, Words of Domination

I met a Wizard by the name of Firepot who was experimenting with some form of summoned swords, in an attempt to mimic our control of the elements. I thought that his idea was interesting, a kind of companion that would dissipate once the enemy was removed from the equation. Working together we perfected his sword method, and I also designed this similar spell, which has specific uses for our own work.

Rage of Zomm: Flame of Fennin, Words of Domination

This pet is great if you need to draw attention from yourself to perform a more spectacular summoning. Like a small ball of fire, this pet can do some incredible work, although not take as many hits as our more reliable summonings. I have enjoyed working with it however, and leave the choice to you.

Dyzil's Deafening Decoy: Staff Shard of Luclin, Sliver of Moonstone, Words of Expertise


I have worked very hard on the following three spells. I strove for a method of harnessing even more powerful aspects of the elements, pushing myself to the very limit of what I could summon forth. At last I was successful, and tentative study with these new forms have shown very impressive results. Be careful!

Greater Vocaration Fire: Flame of Fennin, Runed Emblem, Words of Capacity

Greater Vocaration Air: Scales of Veeshan, Primordial Substance, Words of Capacity

Greater Vocaration Water: Mist of Povar, Dew Clover, Words of Capacity

A most useful trick for removing an immediate area of spectators is to call forth a monster being that is familiar to them. I use this trick often for that very purpose. Be forewarned
however, that the spell is variable and you may find yourself summoning something no more frightening than a bixie!

Monster Summoning III: Card of Bristlebane, Primordial Substance, Words of Capacity


A great bolt of fire came forth from my hands, sailing through the skies to find my enemy and strike him down. I use it very often while working at range, and rarely have issues with it.

Scars of Sigil: Bolts of Tallon, Words of Domination

While working with Elemental Maelstrom, I have come to very much enjoy this method of damage. I have taken the same properties from this spell and infused them with a greater power.

Wrath of the Elements: Scales of Veeshan, Words of Domination

I wanted to create a spell that would be both visually pleasing and serve several purposes. It would cause great damage, while at the same time seeping power. It would also be so colorful
and blinding that once cast, the Mage could find a way to escape if they were overpowered. This spell is the result of that study.

Manastorm: Scales of Veeshan, Flake of Lodestone, Words of Expertise

Summoning and banishing are different sides of the same specialty that the magician is loyal to. I consider this to be the single most powerful form of our power to banish a summoned being, which truly rounds out our arsenal in this area.

Banishment: Card of Bristlebane, Flake of Lodestone, Words of Expertise

Along the same line of study as Manastorm, Maelstrom harnesses electricity for a powerful rain effect. When I find myself calling upon this type of magic, I often use them in conjunction with one another, as they complement so well.

Maelstrom of Electricity: Bolts of Tallon, Primordial Substance, Words of Virtue

Using the element of Fire, these blades can rend through most any enemy that does not have an innate tolerance to this type of magic. Truly our most powerful single attack, use it wisely and do not let this new power go to your head. Remember to study and perfect, we are all still
students of the elements.

Shock of Fiery Blades: Flame of Fennin, Flake of Lodestone, Words of Capacity, Words of Potence


In finding new and improved methods of harnessing the elements, I have also worked to perfect our series of beneficial spells for them. This is the latest of my work, and is far more advanced than any previous.

Burnout IV: Flame of Fennin, Words of Restraint

Truly a breakthrough in regards to the ability to summon, Call of the Hero allows you to actually summon forth a person from another area of harm.

Call of the Hero: Staff Shards of Luclin, Words of Domination

I learned the nature of this spell from Kandin, however I needed to find a way to adapt it for
Magicians, as they would not have the benefit of studying the method in which he called forth this improved Eye. Tracing my route backwards, I was able to draw upon the proper elements and share this with you.

Eye of Tallon: Bolts of Tallon, Dew Clover, Words of Virtue

Often while traveling in a party, I would find myself enjoying the benefits of improved speed from other members, while my poor elemental was left far behind us. I have researched and created this spell so that this issue is not quite so prominent. He should keep up now!

Velocity: Mist of Povar, Etched Signet, Words of Capacity


Transon has been most helpful in the study of protection for both the Mage and their elemental, and in respect to his generous help, I have named two spells for him. The first is a protective shield that renews itself while you have it about you, adding to the rate in
which you regain power and life. The second, a heal designed specifically for your elemental, has proved so completely remarkable that l do not consider my book complete without it any longer.

Transon's Phantasmal Protection: Writ of Quellious, Runed Emblem, Words of Expertise

Transon's Elemental Renewal: Writ of Quellious, Etched signet, Words of Virtue, Words of Aptitude

This Aegis is most helpful while dealing in circle magic, as it will enhance the entire party's innate resistance to the element of fire, while also drawing upon the characteristics of fire itself. Any enemy that attempts to strike you while this is in place will receive a nasty surprise.

Aegis of Ro: Flame of Fennin, Etched Signet, Words of Expertise

I have often sought to find a more reliable method of weakening an opponent to the types of magic that I use most often, and this spell is the result of that work. When the effect takes
hold on your enemy, you should notice a definitive weakness to your powers.

Mala: Card of Bristlebane, Sliver of Moonstone, Words of Virtue

Source: Ingame book