Outlying Freeport Creature Cataloging

Freeport was once known as "The City of Free Men" in the days before the Rending. Ruled by Sir Lucan D'Lere, also known as the Overlord, the city of Freeport is still primarily inhabited by men, though it is also now home to many of the displaced folk of Norrath. Craftsmen and adventurers still flock to this jewel by the sea.

The continent of D'Lere is named for the Overlord. Freeport is set in the Commonlands on an excellent deep water harbor. It is believed to be the largest city to survive the Age of Cataclysms, although the inhabitants of Qeynos would beg to differ. Beneath the city proper lies a sewer system that facilitates travel for those who wish to remain unseen.

Freeport's weather is warm without becoming uncomfortable. Due to its proximity to the sea, cooling breezes keep the warm air from the Commonlands from stagnating over the city. The buildings in Freeport are tall, creating narrow lanes that occasionally prevent sun from reaching the street level. In these man-made caverns, the air is much cooler than in the plazas.

In some sections of the city, you will find rooftop gardens with herbs, lemon trees or flowers for cutting. These areas are not visible from the street, however, and most travellers tend to view the patches of grass within the walls as the only greenery. Freeport has never been a place of gardens and parks.

The areas surrounding Freeport are home to a variety of unwholesome creatures. One will find spiders and snakes aplenty, as well as dozens of rats. Travellers need also be aware that orcs are sometimes found close in, and of course the usual thugs and ruffians are a universal threat to one's safety.

Source: Ingame book