History - Miragul's Menagerie

Teria Grinntli says 'Can you believe it's true? Miragul's Menagerie has been found. I remember all the stories I heard after I came to Norrath from Luclin, but the ones that really captured my attention were those about Miragul. Even though I enjoyed the mystery around the tales, I couldn't be more thrilled to actually set foot in that world of madness. I will share the stories with you.'

Teria Grinntli purrs as she looks at you with piercing feline eyes. 'It is so wonderful to see you again. I remember hearing that under the tundra of the Frigid Plain there was a network of tunnels and rooms that were known as Miragul's Menagerie. Now that we've found it, it's a far stranger place than the stories suggested. To start at the beginning, I should say that Miragul was once a prominent member of the Council of Erud and was a student of all the schools of magic available there. If you knew that we've got a good starting point to continue our meetings. We'll pick up from there when you return to me.'

Teria Grinntli scratches her arm with her claws. 'Grrrrreetings. I don't have all the details, but a long time ago, it became evident that Miragul, a master mage, wizard, and enchanter, was not impressed or challenged by the erudite way of life and betrayed his people. His fascination with learning and power led him to steal some of the most prized artefacts and tomes belonging to the erudites. And he wasn't the only erudite that pursued the art of necromancy. We shall discuss that more later, fine friend.'

Teria Grinntli ears perk as she hears you approach. 'Over time as Miragul studied, he learned the secrets behind immortality. As the story goes, one fateful night long ago within the menagerie, Miragul performed a most unspeakable ritual upon himself. He lay his body down on a slab etched with the most evil collection of runes. That same portion of stone had a dark crimson hue because it was infused with the blood of many victims that were sacrificed for the performance of that one rite. I have other business to attend to for now, but return soon and we shall continue this bizarre tale.'

Teria Grinntli stops grooming her fur. 'A bit cold isn't it? While Miragul was lying down on that magical slab of stone he started to chant quietly, almost a whispering, until the strange hissing of his voice coalesced into the sound of whipping winds. The room grew dark, so dark that it stole all the light from around the slab of stone. But where Miragul lay, there was a sickly red glow. Terrible event, it was. I will tell you more later my friend.'

Teria Grinntli raises a paw as a warm greeting. 'Welcome once more! Again, the rite of immortality performed by Miragul was so extreme that it shook the ground of all of the Frigid Plain. When Miragul's chant for the undead rite reached its peak, his body disintegrated in a strange fashion. First, his flesh peeled back from the muscle, his muscle tore from the bone, and his bones blackened and crumbled to ash. All was quiet for a short time and then a breeze was conjured out of the stillness. Miragul's ashes were caught in an eddy of evil that began to take a new shape -- the shape of a twisted skeleton. Miragul had successfully transformed himself into a lich. But there was a problem. A critical error. Come back soon and I'll tell you more!'

Teria Grinntli says 'I spent some time with a good friend of mine, Ubzial Iyeaql, in the Qeynos Hills. He has the whole story about Miragul and is probably better suited to telling you the whole story. I'm certain he would be pleased to share the tale with you. Take care on your journey, friend.

Ubzial Iyeaql says 'My word, I've been aching to tell the story that was passed along to me in my youth. My parents were so fascinated by Miragul and his deceit, treachery, and madness that I was forced to study and learn it all as a youth. I'm assuming Teria told you about Miragul's transformation into a lich? Well, it's just not that simple. His history is fraught with all kinds of interesting twists and turns, much like his menagerie. Now that we're acquainted, I will tell you more next time we meet.'

Ubzial Iyeaql says 'It is good to see you return. Many years ago, not long after men first started walking the lands of Norrath, Miragul was born in Erudin after Erud led some wise magic users to the continent of Odus. As Miragul grew to be a formidable master of the arcane arts, he became greatly dissatisfied with the edicts handed down by the Council of Erudin that tried to restrict his study. The suggestion that Miragul and all erudites should focus on one of three magic professions -- a mage, a wizard, or an enchanter -- was preposterous. The idea was very short sighted and ridiculous in Miragul's mind. It wasn't long before he found others that thought like him and that's when the trouble started. That's all I will tell you for now. I need to do some research for the Wayfarers Brotherhood this day.'

Ubzial Iyeaql says 'Glad to see you are back for more. There were a growing number of outcasts in Erudin that studied forbidden tomes brought to the city by spies on Antonica. Miragul discovered the outcasts and learned they studied a fourth discipline of magic he knew nothing of . . . yes, the dark art of necromancy. Always driven by knowledge and learning, Miragul was infatuated by this new magic. However, it wouldn't be long before the interests of the outcasts were discovered by the Council of Erudin. I will tell you more about that later. I have things to do here.'

Ubzial Iyeaql says 'You are faring well, I hope? Well, the Council of Erudin discovered that the erudite outcasts were practicing necromancy and branded them all heretics. A civil war broke out as a result. It was one of the most fearsome wars in the history of Norrath. There were no swords or armour, they used only magic. The destruction unleashed by the power of the magic changed the face of Odus. Erudites fell in massive numbers and much of the pristine architecture of Erudin was lost. After some time, the heretics discovered they did not have the numbers to sustain the battle and fled, hiding in the southern region of Odus. They made a new home for themselves, which I'll discuss more soon, friend.'

Ubzial Iyeaql says 'On with the story then. The heretics found themselves a new home on Odus, but Miragul did not travel with them. Seeing the potential to lose access to the great libraries and wisdom of Erudin, Miragul abandoned the heretics and appeared to support the Council of Erudin. It's interesting how Miragul managed to deceive so many. I'll tell you that secret when we meet again. There were some items recovered from the menagerie that I must study.'

Ubzial Iyeaql says 'Ah, yes. You want to know how Miragul managed to deceive the erudites and heretics. You see, having studied the art of enchantment as well as the other magic professions, Miragul was very adept at disguising his identity with powerful illusions. He created three distinct identities for himself that allowed him to study in all the schools of magic in Erudin. He also created a fourth identity that allowed him to study with the heretics. His identity as Miragul remained a close ally of the Council of Erudin. In doing this, he kept abreast of all the business and rumour within the city. He was also able to stay in Erudin without suspicion. You must understand that he still really was not an ally to the council. See me soon and I'll explain why. I am quite busy with my studies these days. So much to learn!'

Ubzial Iyeaql says 'I've certainly had a lot of visitor's. I am happy to see a familiar face. As it turned out, Miragul remained disgusted by the Council of Erudin. He managed to absorb most of the knowledge that Erudin offered while he schemed. In a short time, Miragul managed to steal and stash away the most powerful tomes and artefacts in Erudin. His plan to take all the treasured tomes and artifacts from Erudin worked. He left Odus for Antonica on a boat with his cache of items of knowledge. There is still much to tell, but it must wait. Yet again, I must do more research into these strange things we're finding in the menagerie.'

Ubzial Iyeaql says 'Let's do this quickly, shall we? When Miragul reached Qeynos in Antonica, it was very unpleasant for him. He was constantly dodging erudite spies, so he found it increasingly difficult to hide, so he left the city. He travelled for a very long time and finally reached a well-secluded area called Winter's Deep. He settled for some time there, pouring over all the items he had stolen from Erudin and various places in his travels. He improved his knowledge and skill with magic so much so that he became very powerful. It took very little time before Miragul neared the end of his stash of learning materials. He grew restless. Sorry to interrupt, but Kizpi Taelwx wants me to help him learn some of the world's languages. I will see you again to discuss more, will I not?'

Ubzial Iyeaql says 'Hail to you. I believe we ended with Miragul finishing his stay in Winter's Deep. From there Miragul travelled south to attain more knowledge of the arcane arts. It did not take him too long to run into Rivervale, the halfling city. The propensity of the halflings to sneak around and steal worried him, so Miragul moved on. Let's talk more about his travels at another time. I have to scribe a spell before I forget the incantation.'

Ubzial Iyeaql says 'Mm-hm, more about Miragul's travels through the lands. After his experience with the halflings, Miragul chose to find lands that were devoid of almost all intelligent life and thieves. He made his way north and found himself in the Frigid Plains. I believe you know that already? This was the beginning of Miragul's isolation. I will have more for you when you return though, dear friend.'

Ubzial Iyeaql says 'Hail to you. Always good to see you. Well, when Miragul reached the Frigid Plains the construction of the menagerie began. In the solitary and cold environment, Miragul founded his own paradise. He used magic to move the ice and earth to create a vast number of tunnels, rooms, libraries, and laboratories that stretched out like tendrils under the frozen ground above. But he would always make time to study magic and familiarize himself with all the artifacts and books he'd stolen. And then he started losing his sanity, which we will delve into later. I'm much too tired to continue. I've done nothing but read for days!'

Ubzial Iyeaql says 'I have been so busy talking, that I've had no time to do research! Seeing as how I'm partial to you, I will take the time to continue the story. Miragul built fantastic laboratories where he experimented with all the magic he learned. He also practiced on the living, particularly creatures found in the Frigid Planes. You sometimes will see the results within the menagerie now. But, that's getting a little ahead of our story. For many years, thousands in fact, Miragul continued increasing his knowledge and power until he realized that his body was finally failing. He was becoming very old. Let's wait to continue this. I have to talk business with my friend Mannis McGuyett.'

Ubzial Iyeaql says 'Nice to see you. I'm afraid that Morden Rasp, my leader, needs me to devote my attention to another task. It seems there is a strange ore about that we've never seen before coming from some of these lost dungeons we have discovered. I have sent word to Teria Grinntli in Everfrost. She is more than capable of taking the story from here, my friend. Take care of yourself, particularly when you enter the menagerie. Its wonders can quickly become terrors.'

Teria Grinntli purrs as she her gaze rests upon you. 'So nice to see you again. It certainly has been a long time! I understand that Ubzial got as far as Miragul's fear of death? Right. When Miragul started considering the end of his life, he fixed on not being able to learn and see new magic and artifacts. He then turned his pursuit of knowledge toward existential and planar concerns. He read accounts and folklore around the planes of Power and Discord. Then, he found ways to access those planes and created portals for them. Hm, I need to talk to Kipler Steffeal. I've forgotten a few details. Come back and we'll discuss this further!'

Teria Grinntli growls lightly as she examines the pads of her paws. 'My paws are numb. It is truly cold here. I did talk to Kipler and he has filled in some details for me. Shortly after creating the portals to the planes of Power and Discord, Miragul's body began to fail him. His frailty terrified him. He became absorbed in the art of necromancy and looked for clues that would allow him to cheat death. He was not successful. That's all I can tell you for now. I need to get more information myself.'

Teria Grinntli stretches the length of her graceful feline body. 'Ah! You caught me after a nap! Very well, let's continue. Miragul realized he would have to leave the menagerie to gain more knowledge to overcome the finality of death. He used his knowledge to create portals within Norrath and with what little energy he had, he searched for the necromancers on Odus. He found them in a city they called Paineel and lived among them as he studied. Then he found it ... magic that could turn the living into the undead, a state where a body lives on and never ages. It is a shame, but it's time for me to go. I have to hunt for food for our party. I will have more to enlighten you shortly.'

Teria Grinntli has her nose raised to the air and detects your scent. 'Ah! I knew it was you! I was thinking of you recently and your interest in Miragul's Menagerie. I remember my mother telling me that Miragul was in Paineel gathering knowledge on how to make him undead while the heretics around him readied for another war with Erudin. When Miragul believed he had attained enough knowledge, he returned to his menagerie and hid himself in a special laboratory. And that's when he performed that rite I told you about when we first met. But, as I said then, it didn't have the effect he had hoped for. I must be off now, dear one. I need to go visit Ubzial Iyeaql about some items the Wayfarers Brotherhood recovered from the menagerie.'

Teria Grinntli shivers slightly in the cold. 'We just got back from a hunt and my tail is freezing! We are well stocked with food now, though. Now, in the story about Miragul, we were at the transformation of the magic-user into a lich. Well, that part worked, he did indeed become a lich, but something terrible happened to him. He made a grave miscalculation. The lich of Miragul retained most of his mystical powers, but Miragul's soul was lost. I will be able to explain this better next time. I have to do a bit of research for the next part of the tale.'

Teria Grinntli finishes a conversation with Gizula and turns to you. 'My friend! I found the information for you. After Miragul became a lich, his spirit, the internal voice that drove him to seek knowledge and power, was trapped in a small box, called a phylactery, in the menagerie. The lich, without a spirit, had no traits of the man known as Miragul. His lich wandered aimlessly about the menagerie and then found its way to Everfrost where it has been marching around pathetically and without purpose for many years. But something has changed within the lich recently. We will discuss that later. I need to gather more information on that part of the story.'

Teria Grinntli wags her tail, clearly agitated. 'I'm somewhat irritated at the moment. Gizula ate all the stew and now I have to go hungry out in this cold! Petty concern, really, but still . . . Anyway, the lich of Miragul has been heard whispering on the wind lately. The discovery of the menagerie has released some of the strange magic that exists there. The lich can sense it and some say he's been touched by it. I will try to learn more about that. Next time, though, I'll tell you more about the menagerie.'

Teria Grinntli expertly polishes her fangs with her tongue. 'Gizula made up for her gluttony. She made us a fine-tasting meal. I dare not ask what was in it, but I am satisfied! We are still a little hazy on what exactly is happening in Miragul's Menagerie, but it seems as though not only his spirit was locked in there. When he turned himself into a lich, there was a rift in his magic, so that some of it was left over. That magic has somehow grown over time and I believe it carries some kind of sentience. I need to do some investigating in the menagerie and then I will be able to tell you more.'

Teria Grinntli blinks lazily, clearly tired. 'It has been a long day, dear one. I have been spending a lot of time in the menagerie trying to ascertain what is happening there. From what we've been able to piece together, that remaining magic left in the menagerie has indeed developed over time. With all of the strange magic and experiments that Miragul performed, there was often some magic left behind. The sentient magical force that formed and grew because of the rite that transformed Miragul into a lich has managed to travel in the walls and on the air collecting all of the remaining magic. We are calling this sentient force the Synarcana of Miragul. Strange thing. I need more information before I can tell you more about it.'

Teria Grinntli waves at you with a mighty paw. 'I'm so thrilled you are back. It does get lonely here at times. So, the Synarcana of Miragul is indeed sentient and very protective of the menagerie. After all, it is the magical force that maintains and protects the integrity of that bizarre place. It has even created or taken over creatures to serve its will. The Synarcana of Miragul has developed some of Miragul's former traits and is attempting to draw knowledge of magic out of all of the adventurers that enter. So, be careful when you enter that place. I will see you after you spend more time there. Hopefully I will have more information for you by then.'

Teria Grinntli bows to you. 'Alas. It seems we're both on the same footing with our knowledge about the madness in Miragul's Menagerie. It has been most satisfying taking this journey with you. I hope as you learn more you will share it with all of us in the Wayfarers Brotherhood. I salute you!'

Source: NPC dialog ingame
The history of Miragul's Menagerie as told by the NPCs as you complete successfully adventures.