The Crafty Tailor by Meeka Diggs

Every summer in the Vale we must face the insect season when the little buggers come in swarms to feast on our crops and march on our homes.

This past summer my hubby returned home from a daily wander with a captured spiderling. I was at first appalled by the creature but my hubby placed it in a large wooden cage outside our home so that the insects could fly in and get caught in the webs and the spiderling could not get out.

Each day the spider would tear down his web and discard the silk and soon I had a large amount of the material to dispose of.

As I reached for my broom one day I stumbled and scraped my palms in the fall. I hurried to our cupboard for a bandage and to my dismay there were non in our home.

That was when Bristlebane blessed me with a bit of his craftiness. Taking my trusty TAILORING KIT, I wove a spool of SILK THREAD from TWO bits of SPIDERLING SILK. Once I had TWO spools of SILK THREAD I wove a SILK BANDAGE and bound my injured palms. With so much silk at my disposal I quickly ran out of bags to store it in. Taking THREE spools of SILK THREAD, I wove a SILK CORD and then made myself a SMALL BAG from the SILK CORD and a LOW QUALITY WOLF SKIN.

In order to prevent myself from falling and injuring myself on the hard floors I used my remaining LOW QUALITY SKINS of wolves, cats, and bears and one SILK THREAD to fashion some LEATHER PADDING which I laid on the floors. I have since had a blacksmith friend of mine offer to purchase such padding for use in his crafting of platemail armors.

Source: Ingame book