Phar'Ahkt says to you,"The Godking Anuk wishes me to enlighten you on a few of his most loved subjects. What can I answer for you?"

Phar'Ahkt says to you,"I am Phar'Ahkt, a whispering haunt called forth from the Deathtoll Tower in the dead fields of Ethernere. I am now bound to serve the eternal Godking."

Phar'Ahkt says to you,"The Godking Anuk is our master and he shall herald a world everlasting. We shall follow him to immortality. That is all I can say of the great Godking. That is all you need know."

Phar'Ahkt says to you,"The Ewer of Sul'Dae bleeds the river of life. The great flow, the Fyr'Un, winds through the land of Anashti Sul. The river runs free with her gift of eternal life. The ewer is a direct connection to this immortal flow. It is the ewer we shall drink from to taste the gift of Anashti Sul."

Phar'Ahkt says to you,"Ahket Aken is eternal. When the great forest shook and burned the city of life stood defiant. The forces of Rathe swallowed this city, but yet we live on in silence waiting to rise and claim the world Anashti Sul promised her chosen. "

Phar'Ahkt says to you,"Anashti Sul is our lost goddess. Long ago the powers above did smite our goddess and send her forth into oblivion. She was lost to existence. It was not until she graced the Godking with her ancient words that she would be revealed to us, the chosen. Only we shall live on to spread the faith."

Phar'Ahkt says to you,"Ahket Aken is the city of eternal life. When the lost goddess wipes clean the face of Norrath of all that is living only the city of eternal life shall live on. It is here that we hide from the world waiting for eternity to arrive."

Source: NPC dialogs