On Language, Research & Magic

By Geoffrey, Arch Magi of Norrath

Much of the recent research done by young Magi has dealt with the piecing together of old spells.

Since many of the spell fragments found are not written in common, I have been asked to write a brief treatment on languages, research and magic.

The history of magic on Norrath can be divided in to four eras.

The most recent historical period saw the conflict between dark elven necromancy and the magic of the forefathers to those who now live on Erudin.

Books from this period are alternately written in Elder Tier’Dal and Old Erudian.

Proceeding this conflict was the era of the Combine Empire, whose glory stretched across the length of Antonica.

This civilization flourished for a handful of decades before their magical powers became so great that the dragons of the world awoke and grew jealous.

All that remains now of the Combine Empire is steel and ash.

Scrolls from this period were written in Combine.

Before the ascent of the Combine Empire was the Age of the Dragons.

These powerful beasts ruled all of Norrath under an iron claw and spell-quick voice.

Their wizardry was dark and strong. Magic from this period was recorded in the Runes of Dragon Tongue.

In the beginning, during the age of scale, were those known to me as the Elder Dragons.

Their language is as harsh as it is difficult, twisted as it is beguiling. The rewards of learning Elder Dragon are, however, plentiful, as to speak their tongue is to know the language of magic itself.

Source: Ingame book