Climbing the walls

While hiking in the desert I chanced upon a quiet stream. It looked like a great place to relax for a moment and cool my feet in the water. I sat down to remove my boots when I realized the log I'd chosen to sit upon was moving.

I jumped up and started backing away wondering why I thought there might be logs near the stream - logs! In a desert! What an idiot!

Gnomes aren't the most physically inclined folks, but I made excellent time sprinting back toward the cliffs.

I'd done some rock climbing before and those rocks had definite potential. The crocodiles snarled behind me, they were rapidly closing in.

From the distance I saw the perfect climbing area and headed straight toward it. My hand and feet moved quickly. The crocs snapped at my heels but I had adrenaline and skill on my side.

Even with a good head for heights, it can be pretty unnerving to look down, especially when you know there's a group of hungry critters at the bottom.