Genesis of Fist and Tail

The Swifttail Caste, Fists and Tails of Cabilis

It was in dawning of the Sebilisian Empire that the art of fist and tail was forged. In the beginning, the pugilists of the great tribes were nothing more than warriors without weapons.
Soon we would be forged into weapons.

Grandmaster Tynn was the father of our disciplines. He came to the empire from an unknown tribe.
Some say he was a ronin who wandered the worlds of Norrath where he formed the basis of the city of Sebilis with no rebirth. He entered to form a caste which did not exist. He was quickly challenged by the warlords. He spoke his words and they did not listen. He knew the only way to make them understand was to challenge their finest in The Gauntlet. He called for four of the finest warlords and allowed them arms. The warlords agreed, thinking his challenge an easy task.

Grandmaster Tynn quickly dispatched of the warlords with nothing more than fist and tail. He fought in a way never displayed. His victory earned him much respect and Emperor Sathir soon commanded him to form the Court of Pain and raise an army of monks. Tynn formed the Swifttail Caste.

Soon the way of fist and tail had hundreds in it's ranks, climbing the rungs. Tynn showed them they were not warriors, but monks.

They would don shackles as testament to the Age of Snake when the Iksar were a race enslaved. Inner strength and harmony were taught. The Swifttail were born.

The Swifttail were disbanded during the End Days. It was not till the rise of the new empire under Emperor Vekin did the caste reform. Grandmaster Glox, a former disciple of Tynn, came to New Sebilis to rebuild the Court of Pain. In honor of Tynn, all masters now drape themselves in a robe like he wore.

Source: Ingame book
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The Court of Pain - SwiftTail caste under Grandmaster Glox - EQ
The Court of Pain - SwiftTail caste under Grandmaster Glox - EQ