Journal of Gimblestan XV

From the notes of Gimblestan, First Assistant to King Ak'anon the X
Tinkering Arts

Volume XV


On a personal note, the chill which I felt creep up my spine had nothing to do with the poor operating quality of my THERMAL CLOAK. It has continued to function quite nicely. The firewater flask, carefully positioned on my belt, causes no hindrance to my movement, and the metal rods sewn into the tattered gnomish cloak conduct the heat quite well.

Transvin motioned for us to extinguish our lights. Kneeling down, I handed him my new SPYGLASS to look through. It seems to be working rather well. He laughed at first, mistaking the body of my old collapsing fishing pole. Once he peered through the reflective shard, all jibing stopped. I believe that this is one of my best works yet. The extra metal rod gives it a good shell, while the bottle and the metal twine hold and amplify the image seen through the reflective shard.

Once Transvin had scouted the terrain, we all hooked our STALKING PROBES to him. I love these things - and wish I had thought them up first. Another example of superior gnomish technology. The only danger comes from putting firewater on a scout. The two sets of gears, hooked to the metal rod and bottle pose no danger in and of themselves. I am worried, however, that one day a scout will burst into flames as she lures prey back to us.

Such are the hazards of innovation.

We have dubbed our minotaur Binky.

Source: Ingame book