The Mute Bard's Tale

"The Mute Bard's Tale" - Whether the tale is truth or myth, this tale relates the Mute Bard's history and how he came to be imprisoned by the djinn.

I learned to speak before I learned to walk. Precocious, my parents said. Many days did I spend literally singing for my supper, for our family is among the poorest in Maj'Dul. One day as I traveled to the Crags to seek inspiration, one of the harpies caught me and carried me away to her nest.

Her claws dug deeply into my shoulders as we flew, circling higher and higher. Clearly deranged, her chatter rambled from stories of long ago, to Maj'Dul, and to the djinn. She demanded that I sing for her, and fearing for my life, I did so.

"Stop!" she cried, transforming there and then into a djinna of great beauty, still gripping my shoulders tightly in her hands. "You must never sing again, you come too close to our Names!" And with that, she brought me to the Shimmering Citadel where the djinn cut out my tongue so I could sing no more.

Though I cannot speak, I can still hear -- which is something some of the djinn did not take into account. They fear music, especially ancient, pure music. Though they think they have destroyed and hidden rare instruments of old, the instruments can still be found and repaired. I hid one of the keys in the room beyond the darkest room.

Source: Ingame book