Mujaki's Chronicle Vol. I-II

Mujaki the Devourer, as chronicled by Sage Unimvariea of the Gatecallers of Erudin

Mujaki was born the first child to to Erudite couple: Mage Tevrai and Cleric Etumara. His father, Tevrai, had high hopes for a son to follow in his footsteps and become a powerful wielder of magics. However, Mujaki seemed to lack the spark for magical pursuits early on. Much to his father's chagrin, little Mujaki liked to play more and had a physical affinity for the world around him, not a magical one.

The couple, Tevrai and Etumara, looked forward to bringing another child into the world, but met with little success. Whatever ailed Etumara after hir first birth did not allow her to conceive again. This was a serious point of consternation for Tevrai, who desired another heir who might carry on his magical research. It was a notable point of shame for Etumara. She found comfort in the church of Prexus, focusing on helping those she could there when she could not please her husband. This grew a rift between the couple and for several years they existed in a somewhat detached, distant relationship.

All of this was lost on young Mujaki, save that for some reason he did not please his father and his mother was often less than happy. This weighed heavily on the young mind, planting seeds of guilt and inadequacy. As he grew in his childhood, Mujaki was often found at his mother's side in the church of Prexusand was a source of comfort and solace for her as she delighted in his advancement in the "lesser" arts, as his Father would say.

As Mujaki approached the age of 7, his parents rejoiced as Etumara was again with child! Her infertility seemed to have been overcome. Tevrai was nearly obsessed with the possibility of a magically adept heir. Young Mujaki simply looked forward to the promise of another playmate. However, as the pregnancy progressed, it was clear that it would not be smooth one. Etumara was not carrying the child well and complications developed late in the term. As fate would have it, Etumara would deliver to Tevrai a beautiful baby boy adept in magics, but at the cost of her own life.

Tevrai's sorrow knew little in the way of bounds, andhis anguish turned to self blame for it washe who had so desired another child. It was only the responsibility for his new son that focused his attention enough to keep Tevrai from destroying himself in his mourning. The infant was named Etumer in memory of his mother. Mujaki was crushed nearly as much as Tevrai. However, with little love coming from his own Father, he found solace in the support of the clerics of Prexus and his mothers many friends there. Despite his best understanding of what happened, Mujaki could not help but harbor blame on his infant brother for taking his mother from him.

As the years passed Etumer would greatly please his father with his aptitude for the magical arts and further alienate Mujaki from the family. Despite this rift, Mujaki still looked to his father for acceptance and worked exceedingly hard to prove his worth to Tevrai. He would devote his life to the ways of Prexus and became a devout Paladin to the Ocean Lord.

As Mujaki entered into manhood, he became attracted to the young Lady Yuntair, a magician who had gained an early reputation as exceedingly skilled in magic. At the same time that a relationship was developing between Yuntair and Mujaki, Etumer was discovering wonderful, powerful and innately sinister: the ways of necromancy. Initially inroduced as something innocent and an outgrowth of his regular magical studies, Etumer was seduced by the easy power that necromancy offered. He could not hold these discoveries from his Father. This infected Tevrai with what started as an innocent step in a logical evolution of study and turned into something foul and seductive in its possibility for power.


Even when the root priciples of The Faceless, Cazic Thule, were revealed by Etumer's dark friends, it was sufficiently clouded in righteous logical posturing to not sway the son or his over ambitious father from delving deeper into new possibilies.

Heady with newfound power and possibilities, Etumer was introduced to Mujaki's acquaintance, the lovely Lady Yuntair. Smitten by her radiant beauty and subconsciously infected by his father's contempt for Mujaki, Etumer went about making inroads with Yuntair. Playing out the same seduction that he had with his father, Etumer swayed Yuntair by appealing to her magical questing for power.

Mujaki was tormented by his position. He languished in indecision of what to do, stymied by his own iron grip of the church's principles coupled with his deep-set feelings of inadequacy toward his family. This started a plague of dreams that tormented him with possibilities of whay may happen should he not find a way to repair his many down fallings.

By the time Mujaki moved to salvage his relationship, he was too late. Initially, he uncovered his brother's treachery by stumbling upon Etumer and Lady Yuntair in a very questionable situation, further compounded with evidence of necromancy. Thunderstruck, Mujaki could only flee the scene, battling his inner feelings and duty-bound honor to reveal the necromancy to the Erudin authorities. Mujaki approached his father for guidance, only to be spurned with statements alluding to Etumer's superiority in ability, despite the deficit of his age. Teverai reasoned that Etumer should rightfully win the Lady Yuntair over Mujaki.

This, coupled with his father's casual dismissal of the Necromancy, slapped Mujaki's ego down and spiraled him further into self questioning. Grappling what to do, he pondered and paced in inactivity. Throughout this, his sleep was wracked by the sendings of Terris Thule, who delighted in twisting the knives of his situation deeper into his psyche.

Pushing his own teachings aside and seeking acceptance at the cost of his own principles, Mujaki returned to his Father seeking guidance into magics and even the teachings of necromancy if only he could find favor from his father and use this knowledge to impress Yuntair to reciprocate his unrequited love. While this seemed to improve the situation for a time, it ultimately alienated him from the one stability in Mujaki's life: the church of Prexus.

The situation came crashing to calamity as Mujaki stumbled in on his Father, Brother, and Lady Yuntair, along with several of Etumer's friends, engaged in debased necromantic experiments. Suddenly gripped with an overwhelming loathing for his Father's abuse, his deep rooted hatred for his brother for the loss of his mother and the betrayal by his loved, Mujaki swept into actioln and bloodily tore these objects of his torment asunder.

His mind wracked with what he had committed, Mujaki ran from his house into the night streets of Erudin, his mind lost to a frenzy of emotion. As he ran, Terris Thule guided his step to miss-place and with a shriek, Mujaki fell headlong into a side ally, his own blade, bloody with gore of his family, tore through his midsection. It took a long time for Mujaki's life force to ebb from his torn body as his mind wracked in spasms of calamity and insanity.

Mujaki's essence was caught up and trapped by The Dream Scorcher, Terris Thule. She played upon Mujaki's inadequacy and twisted his direction to reaping the essences of those he now feels are beneath him, his own twisted logic. Finding power in undeath, Mujaki the Devourer is the scourge of weak willed dreamers. His ego is now stoked by the legions of nightmares he sends forth to collect essences for Terris' torments. It is unknown what it would take to free Mujaki and ultimately place his spirit at rest.

Source: Ingame book