Spanner's Notebook

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Making a longsword - so nice, so very nice! With a few molds, and a sheet of metal, and a little of the lizard blood's temper, I created one in just an afternoon!

Use a long blade mold, a hilt mold and a pommel mold, otherwise it just won't sit right in your hand.

You can try it with a heavy steel blade mold, or a dagger mold, instead if you like! I bet they work just as well


The Swampwood staves are great things. Take a sheet of metal, and wrap it around, using a little of that lizard-blood temper (tastes
nice too) and a hammer head mold and you've got yourself a really handy sledgehammer!

I use mine to keep my tent pegs in the ground.

I suppose even a mace head mold would work, if you were that way inclined. Mind you, who wants a mace when you can have a good, Gnomish hammer!


Now then, shields. Shields are tricky things. Big, heavy beasts they are - not so kindly if you're not so tall.

I reckon with a few sheets of metal, some of that tasty lizard-blood temper, a mold and my smithing hammer, that I could knock up a shield. I'll give it a go!

I hate this jungle.


Source: Ingame book