The weight of the Past

A selection of poems in the djinn's favored style, the short form. Do these carry insights into the minds of the djinn?

Never sing again
Songs bring pain, death and bondage
Silence is precious

I found a garden
Full of dust, ashes and weeds
It is my home now

Though the Plane is gone
Chains still bind those who fled it
Linked to its torment

Come, sit beside me
Fear nothing but night's shadow
You are my anchor

Spare me your anger
Too long have we gone on thus
Now it is too late

In the long ago
I lived in another Plane
I grieve for its loss

Bring me to water
Where I can drink my fill, then
I will be refreshed

In his tiny mind
He rules Maj'Dul, a city
Of nothing but thieves

Far above the world
The Citadel soars freely
Dangling its chains

Why are you crying?
There is pleasure without pain.
Are those tears of joy?

Can you speak with me
And use only words of truth?
Yet you speak of love...

Source: Ingame book