Conium's Notebook

Nubs Came to Visit

My old friend Nubs returned from his journey to the Lavastorm Mountains, his hands still stained red with the blood of the goblins native to those lands. Among his bag of trophies I found a strange black fungus. Nubs calls it a DEATH CAP due to a white vaguely skull-shaped marking adorning the cap. Nubs tells me they are grown by kobolds who live in the volcano of Solusek's Eye, and that two, combined with BLACK HENBANE, also grown by the kobolds, create a poison that numbs a person's mind so that they are oblivious to actions around them. Be sure to have a SEALED POISON vial and LARENT SUSPENSION for storage. Heh, Nubs says the kobold shamans ingest it themselves in prayer to their god.

A Really Angry Goblin

I had just returned from the Lesser Faydarks where I had gone to collect some PIXIE DUST so that I may experiment with the rumor that they dust can sometimes drive a person crazy. Upon opening my pack I discovered that the dust had spilt and now coated the AMANITA PHALLOIDE fungi I had collected from the rotten mulch that passes for a lawn in the Estate of Unrest. Thinking my pixie dust wasted I went ahead and prepared the fungi in the usual manner with a SEALED POISON VIAL and LARENT SUSPENSION and set out to hunt goblins. I found me a goblin all right and boy was I surprised when the fungi poison I had coated my blades with made him go berserk. I've never seen a goblin fight so desperately in all my years slaying the vermin. Fortunately the ugly critter dropped dead within minutes of the poison taking effect.

Thank Brell for Mater

On my last visit to my home, Kaladim, I paid a visit to my old mentor, Mater. He has just documented some studies he did on toxicology of ores and granted me the honor of giving me a copy of his work.

With the information provided by Mater, and the ever-present aqua goblins here in Dagnor's Caudlron to test them on, I have developed some effective metal-based poisons. My first experiment was a mixture of LEAD PEROXIDE, WHITE LEAD and QUICKSILVER with a SEALED POISON VIAL and LARENT SUSPENSION. I was sure to heed Mater's warnings and take extreme care when applying it to my blade. The outcome was much to my liking. The goblin doubled over clutching his head and midsections with his slimy hands.

My second mixture consists of one part IRON SULFIDE and two parts QUICKSILVER with a SEALED POISON VIAL and LARENT SUSPENSION. This mixture although a bit more difficult to mix properly and apply was even more effective than the first had been. This one causes the goblins not only to double over from the pain but fall down completely, writhing on the rocky cliffs. My only regret is that death is swift so the vile critters don't suffer as much as they would with a weaker mixture.

Source: Ingame book