Academy of Arcane Science Tailoring Study vol. I-II

For the Academy of Arcane Science I have been chosen to create the robes that the students of Arcane Sciences will wear. I have made robes based in each branch of the arcane. To further draw upon the power of our lands I have taken components from the ground to help us to tap into its power. First the dye that will be used to color the ribbons is made:

Plains Dye: Plains Roots, Flask of Water
Jaggedpine Dye: Plant Shoot, Flask of Water

Next I have dyed the ribbons. This is much more than mere ornamentation.
The dye from the ground will help to strengthen and add power to the robe:

Silvery Cyan Ribbon: Plains Dye, Silver Ribbon, and Hickory Handled Shears

Silvery Teal Ribbon: Jaggedpine Dye, Silver Ribbon, and Hickory Handled Shears

Golden Cyan Ribbon: Plains Dye, Gold Ribbon, and Hickory Handled Shears

Golden Teal Ribbon: Jaggedpine Dye, Gold Ribbon, and Elm Handled Shears

Platinum Cyan Ribbon: Plains Dye, Platinum Ribbon, and Elm Handled Shears

Platinum Teal Ribbon: Jaggedpine Dye, Platinum Ribbon, and Elm Handled Shears

Then using my ability in researching spells, I have made the swatches that the robe will be tailored from.
Using a piece of parchment and a quill I copied the following research components:

Mana Scribed Swatch: Page 90 Salil's Writ (Right Side)

Scent Etched Swatch: Essence of Rathe

Concussion Runed Swatch: Rune of Concussion

Lodestone Scribed Swatch: Flake of Lodestone

Obliteration Scried Swatch: Words of Obliteration

Capacity Etched Swatch: Words of Capacity


Next a special needle is needed that will not draw power from the ribbons being sewn into the robes.
Because it has the essence of our lands added to it, the power of the ribbon remains intact:

Antonican Needle: Embroidering Needle, Vital Essence

Finally the robe can be tailored. Using an Antonican Robe Pattern and Antonican Needle for each attempt I used the following scheme to create the robes:

Robe of Mana: Mana Scribed Swatch, Silvery Cyan Ribbon

Robe of Scent: Scent Etched Swatch, Silvery Teal Ribbon

Robe of Concussion: Concussion Runed Swatch, Golden Cyan Ribbon

Robe of Lodestone: Lodestone Scribed Swatch, Golden Teal Ribbon

Robe of Obliteration: Obliteration Scried Swatch, Platinum Cyan Ribbon

Robe of Capacity: Capacity Etched Swatch, Platinum Teal Ribbon

Source: Ingame book