Ilene Cellus' Family History

I am sure that some of my family's writings still exist elsewhere in Norrath. Unless they were destroyed in the Shattering or as mentioned before, held back by unscrupulous vendors. Whatever portion of this tome you have, cherish it and remember the Cellus family of Qeynos.

Good thing Ignatia had the sense to hide her journal. When all the Books of Knowledge were destroyed, some folk took that a bit further and destroyed every book they could find! My mamma said to me, "Illene, where do you go and spend all your days?" but I didn't answer. I don't want her to know about --

-- these books I found from the War of Plagues and before, or she'll burn them before I finish reading them. It's so interesting to know some of the thoughts my ancestors had so long ago. They didn't know back then that the gods were going to leave --

-- and everything would be so awful. Mamma said the gods left behind hope, but I'd rather have the gods. When I pray, I want to know there's something listening. We live up in Qeynos Hills. Sometimes, we go to Qeynos, but always in a big caravan because of --

-- all the orcs. First it was one or two, but lately there's more and more of them. It makes mamma and papa nervous and they talk about moving back to the city. I like the Hills, though. Except for the stupid gnolls. That's one thing that hasn't changed, they still --

-- come up now and again. There's a lot of northerners coming to Qeynos Hills too. I don't know how we'll all survive, with those orcs coming in from the east. We spend a lot of time in caves --

-- hiding. I can't stand it. Someday, I'm going to go where there's nothing but grass and sky and you can see forever! Or near the sea! That would be good, too. We get fish sometimes out of the lakes, but they're pretty scrawny. All the food --

-- is scrawny. We go sometimes to get acorns and roots. When there's a deer or something big, we eat every last bit! In fact, papa just went out to get --

-- some wood so we can make soup out of the bones mamma saved. I haven't been allowed outside for months; the grown-ups say it's too dangerous. There's no one to hear our prayers which makes it lonesome. Oh! I hear them coming back already! I hope he's brought me --

-- he's dead! An orc hiding near the waterfall killed him! My uncle tried to save him, but nearly died as well. What will we do? How'd the orcs get so close in? We're going back to Qeynos tonight, mamma says -- I have to hide the books.

Source: Ingame book