Morell Thule - The Lord of Dreams

Morell-Thule, the Lord of Dreams rules the Demi-Plane of Dreams where he is responsible for the rich texture of sleep visions.

He creates, animates and thoroughly enjoys the creatures who romp in his realm.

Though nearly seven feet tall and well built, he has handsome and youthful features. His body habitus is that of a pure white centaur with the tail of a lion.

His silver hooves sparkle constantly because of the unicorn-like horn on his brow. That horn is not made of hair as with most such protuberances, but is purely a thing of light.

His long hair grows down his spine and ends in a glistening white mane which, with his pale skin, set off his beautiful green eyes.

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Morell Thule - The Lord of Dreams
Morell Thule - The Lord of Dreams