The two Dragons

Though I've had several of the Dervins (Maj'Dul's local folk) tell me tales of the Twin Dragons, it wasn't until recently that I actually encountered them.

Technically, they're not twins, they're betrothed. One's gold and the other is silver. I gather they arrived around the same time as the Rending, though that might just be gossip. They say there's bad blood between the dragons and the djinn. One of the djinn tricking them into changing shapes and now the dragons can't keep a steady job.
Something like that, anyway.

I shouldn't be so flippant about them. They are a magnificent sight! When the silver dragon landed in the city, all I could do was stare.

At sunset, the light rippling along its opalescent scales took on an almost golden hue. If you weren't close enough, you might have thought it was changing from silver to gold right before your eyes! That might be why some folk say there's only one dragon.

Several Dervins told me these dragons change shapes, though they're never sure what they turn into. Some of them say the dragons can become anything they want!