The Case of the Windstalker Rumbler

“The Case of the Windstalker Rumbler” by Varlone Redrick.

The countryside of Antonica has long been known for it’s tranquil majesty. The rolling hills and stunning costal seascapes, but once every season have inspired many of poets or so the tranquility is interrupted by the quaking of the ground and the appearance of a ravenous beast know for ages as the Windstalker Rumbler.

The Windstalker Rumbler has been appearing in the Qeynos Hills territory since the end of the Age of War. It is rumored to have been a curse placed upon the land by the god of the subterranean realms, Brell Serilis. The beast has been known to swallow livestock whole, and on some occasions… Antonicans.

One recent account places Marlea Sayer as a victim of the beast. The tale places her in the tunnel of the Dragon Maw Ridge, attempting to reach the north Antonica in timely fashion rather than navigate around the ridge. It is in this darkness that the Windstalker Rumbler would swallow her whole. It would take an army to stop such a beast.

After the attack of Marlea Sayer, the Qeynos Guard sent troops in to dispose of the beast, but all they could find was the lesser of it’s kind, smaller, but still deadly, creatures called earth rumblers. These smaller beasts seemed to increase in numbers whenever the Windstalker Rumbler was soon to appear. The hunters never found the beast, but slew many of the lesser fiends. The Windstalker Rumbler still lives and still prowls Antonica from season to season.

Source: Ingame book