Commonlands Creature Cataloging

Before the Rending, the continent of D'Lere was part of a very large continent that included the cities of Qeynos, Freeport, Halas, Rivervale, Highhold, Oggok and Gukta. Now its own region, D'Lere's southern section is known as the Commonlands. This area was a major setting for the Battle of Defiance, during which the Overlord, Sir Lucan D'Lere, provided the necessary leadership for the men of Freeport to prevail over the Deathfist orcs.

The Commonlands is situated on the southern half of D'Lere, separated from Nektulos by Razorrock Ridge. While there are numerous nomadic camps in the plains, the region's major city is Freeport. The Freewater Channel begins off the Commonlands' eastern shore, while the TranquilSea borders it to the south and southwest.

Razorrock Ridge blocks the passage of cooling air from the north, which gives the air in the Commonlands a dry edge. During the day, temperatures rise rapidly; it is necessary to pack in as much water as possible, as the ponds in the region are frequented by territorial creatures. At night, the clear skies mean the temperature will fall quickly. Due to the relative lack of humidity, frost is not a concern during Decay and rains are not prevalent during Growth or Harvest.

The majority of the flora of the Commonlands is in the form of grasses, both long and short varieties. Trees are more plentiful around the water holes, which can seem like an oasis in a desert of golden grass. The sparse trees on the kopjes are usually from the acacia family, which go dormant during the long dry period after the last rains of Growth. Flowers are limited to cornflowers and strawblossoms, although featherheads are occasionally seen at the bottom of muddy pools.

Orcs have dominated the Commonlands for most of its history, although they were driven back during the Battle of Defiance. In recent times, however, they are again presenting a nuisance to travellers through the region. One will also encounter various scaled lizards and insects, such as basilisks and scorpions. Predators lurk near any source of water, particularly savanna lions.

Source: Ingame book