Quotes of General Urduuk

This book is titled, "Quotes of General Urduuk." It is a very old copy of thoughts purported to have been written by a mighty ogrish General.

To take your revenge is to make yourself even with your enemy. To take their life makes you their better.

We will show no mercy, nor will we ask of it.

The weak and cowardly threaten others with death. The strong just do it.

One's anger must be fed, just as one feeds thier stomach. If one starve either of the two, one will die.

Obedience is Freedom. Happiness is Destruction.

Choose to be strong of body and not strong of soul.

Humility is an affront to Rallos. Bow to no one.

Victory belongs to the most deserving. The Rallosian Empire shall be victorious.

Anger is the truth of our birthright.

A single death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a victory.

Source: Ingame book