Vazaelle Kaleine - The Mad

An Erudite by heritage, Vazaelle lived among those who were ousted from Erudin for necromancy.

During her lifetime, she was a dedicated devout Cazicite, though a combination of religious zeal and prophetic visions stripped from her any semblance of sanity.

Lifted up by her deity and given her own domain, the power of her madness shaped it into the semblance of old Paineel after its destruction.

From her realm, Vazaelle occasionally foresees an event in the future of some unsuspecting Norrathian citizen, whose life will change drastically when that event occurs.

Depending on the severity of Vazaelle's mental state during the vision, that poor individual will know some degree of madness for the rest of their days, suffering from the touch of Vazaelle the Mad.

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Vazaelle Kaleine - The Mad
Vazaelle Kaleine - The Mad