The legend of Suteng

As told by Felodius Sworddancer in Tenebrous Mountains - Luclin

Felodius Sworddancer says 'Suteng was an ogre champion who walked the land long before the children of Rallos Zek were cursed. He feared no other creation of Zek and the children of the other gods were to be laughed at. It was at this time that Rallos Zek was seeking a warrior to unite all of his armies and lead them to battle against the forces of the other [gods].'

Felodius Sworddancer says 'Suteng was a great combatant, however, he was far too cocky to become a suitable leader and this displeased Rallos Zek. One who respected no one could not do this. In order to test Suteng, who had grown far too confident, Rallos had his twin sons craft two swords to test his great ogre warrior's reaction and resolve. Rallos created a great red scabbard to hold the swords as [well].'

Felodius Sworddancer says 'The swords were like no others, each one having an ornately crafted hilt shaped like a dragon head. Sparkling diamonds, black sapphires and jacinth covered the handles as well. The razor sharp blades were covered in runes that glowed and [shimmered].'

Felodius Sworddancer says 'Suteng bowed in reverence to his lord Rallos Zek as he was given the weapons. Rallos warned Suteng that these weapons might destroy him if he were not truly worthy of leading his armies. Not heeding Rallos' warning that the weapons might be too powerful for him to control, Suteng gathered up a raiding party of his finest warriors to seek [battle].'

Felodius Sworddancer says 'They traveled across the lands in search of a suitable target. Finally they came across a goblin army camped upon the plains. Suteng sounded his battle charge and his band of ogres charged down the hillside into the army's [encampment].'

Felodius Sworddancer says 'With each swipe of their swords the ancient ogres slew many goblins. Suteng waded through the battle, his new weapons calling out for the blood of more powerful foes. His bloodlust grew with each kill, his blades spurring him onward. Ignoring his own wounds, he fought on until the goblin army was dead or scattered to the [winds].'

Felodius Sworddancer says 'Only the hulking ogres of old remained standing on the blood-soaked plains. Suteng felt like a god and that would be his downfall. He looked to his companions, the great and powerful ogre warriors with whom he had killed and shed blood. Suteng felt nothing but contempt for them. They, of course, were weaker than he, or at least so he [thought].'

Felodius Sworddancer says 'Without a second thought, Suteng stabbed the ogre nearest to him in the neck with one of the swords. His body moved like a whirlwind of death, slaughtering his own companions. The ogres fought back valiantly, no match for Suteng with his enchanted [blades].'

Felodius Sworddancer says 'The laughter of Rallos Zek boomed across the plains as the Lord of War appeared before Suteng and took the weapons from the ogre's hands. The swords slashed into Suteng swiftly, killing him where he stood. The Lord of War spoke to the remaining ogres on the battlefield, explaining why he had [tested] Suteng.'

Felodius Sworddancer says 'He also told them each that if they wished to wield the weapons, they would have to seek them out for they would be broken into pieces and spread across Norrath. The blades would not be whole again until a suitable warrior found the pieces, and gained the red [scabbard].'

Felodius Sworddancer says 'The Lord of War handed the smallest ogre the great red scabbard and told him that it was his charge, and the charge of his family, to test any warrior who wished to have it.'

Source: NPC dialog ingame