Dirge of the ForgeFire

Near a defiant forge stood three, Master smiths of great pedigree. Engaged in a test of mettle and might, they plied their craft till dead of night. Their hammers rang, sparks did fly, till one grinned widely, his expression wry.
His skillful hand bore what was built, from Honest Drink, and Mold of Hilt. A Metal Sheet, and Spiked Ball Mold A Forged Morning Star to behold!

At the blazing forge stood two, with bellows feeding flames of blue. From within the heated air did rise, the second blacksmith's joyous cries.

A Water Flask and Metal Sheet, A Pommel Mold, and Hilt Mold meet. Add a Mold for Heavy Steel Blades, and a Forged Two Handed Sword is made.

Near the warning flame stood one, with morning rise, his work near done. As the coals turned faded gray, his forged creation saw light of day.

His skill did show in completed task, Mold of Pommel, Hilt and a Water Flask. A Mold for a strong Dual-Edged Blade, make a Forged Bastard Sword suited for any raid.

Source: Ingame book