Brewer's Limericks

Some of Norrath's imbibers put together a compilation of their favorite limericks. If you look closely you can almost tell how to put together the drinks they enjoy with each one.

Here are a few to start.

When Ssra goes to move barley
He meets a girl named Darley
To the cask in the vault
He adds hops and malt
And drinks till her face isn't gnarly

With hops, malt and Yeast
An ogre made mead for a feast
when his cask they did fill
not a drop did he spill
So they cheered the ugly beast

My good friends where is my cask?
Is the water too much to ask?
Deliver barly and hops
With the rest of my crops
Or your death will be my next task!

Ogre's lust for a wench named Sulock
For a date bring a cask and Froglok
Malt and yeast to the barber
Get them near her harbor
And you'll hear an uproar if they dock

Source: Ingame book