Tabben Bromal Research Notes Volume III

I guess word has spread across town, because Kirem of the Deepfacet family has asked me for a compact kit that he can take on his spelunking trips.
He tells me that the ability to move to anyplace on Norrath from this plain, a wide variety of caverns and gems to mine are available to him.

Some times his trips take days, so while he is resting up he would like to work on some jewelry making to sell back at his shop.

Using my other designs as a basic model I determined I should use Gnomish Bolts, Metal Bits, Coiled Spring, a Container Base Mold, Container Lid Mold, and a set of Gem Setter Parts.

Once I combine these pieces together I had a fine traveling kit!

Seemed a great tool, considering myself one and taking up the trade of jewelling. Seems like child's play compared to the tinkering work I have spent so long on. A gem here, some metal there, hah! No wonder the Deepfacets can live in the nice house separated from the others. Me I get to live above the blacksmiths that bang on anvils all day. Still though, my wife was pleased with the pendant necklace that I go in exchange. All and all it is a great day to be a Gnome.

Source: Ingame book