Sea Torn Book

The sea anemone is an amazing creature. Using its small tentacles it poisons its prey and then begins to devour it. Using the sea anemone we are able to create a poison that emulates this behavior. The poison when struck into the enemy will allow for you to drain away his essence.

Anemone Feedback:
Lined Vial + Constrict Suspension + Frilled Anemone

The defense of the jellyfish is to use a poison that inflicts extreme pain and even shock into its victim. Applying this poison to a dagger and injecting it into your enemy should prove to be very deadly.

Nematocyst Poison:
Lined Vial + Constrict Suspension + Ovate Jellyfish

The barbs of the blowfish are dangerous to its victims indeed. The poison contained in them can cause nerve tissue and in best cases paralysis. We have created a poison that hopes to bring out of the power of the paralysis neurotoxin.

Paralyzing Neurotoxin:
Lined Vial + Constrict Suspension + Blowfish Barb

Source: Ingame book