Legacy of Jewel Craft

Molded Jewelry

This technique is the legacy of jewelcraft master Srettib, who was able to draw upon the force of mineral essence. His passion for working with the rarest and most beautiful stones quickly lead him to concoct a firm setting to ensure the precious stones would not be lost (as was often the case with previous wire techniques).

His artistic genius not only lead him to create molded settings, but enabled him to convoke the latent magical powers within stones and externalize them, He coupled stones with various metals to control the outcome of the powers he unleashed.

Every jewelcrafter learns Srettib's techniques, and in homage to his memory, all other forms of jewelcraft have been abandoned.

Jewelcraft Master Srettib's Instructions:

All jewelry carries a unique charm. Exquisite stones placed in the finest settings, are more likely to release the force of mineral essence.

Try various combinations.

Combine any stone with any metal to create unique jewelry.

Precious stones are generally cut so that they will reflect the most light.

Other stones may be tumbled for a smooth surface or left untumbled if they have an interesting shape.

Pearls and crystals are generally left natural.

Use the molds in your jewelry kit and pour melted metal into the mold, allow it to cool and remove the metal from the mold.

To add cut stones, carve a pronged cup mold so that the prongs are down and the base of the cup is at the top.

Weld the base of the cup to the top of the ring, bracelet etc. Insert the stone into the cup and carefully bend down the prongs to trap the stone.

To add odd shaped untumbled stones, custom carve a mold to fit the stone with bottom of the cup at the bottom of the mold.

Pour a small amount of melted metal into the mold and immediately insert the stone.

Allow to cool and remove from the mold.

Source: Ingame book