Runes and Research Part I

The Reasearchers Guide To Practice Runes Compiled by The Arch-Mage of Norrath

The making of Runes is a delicate matter it is not just one of your researching games. While at first you might doubt the might of my arts I tell you that a Rune must have two separate parts.

With apologies to the Master Cat Bard Practice Runes, not to be confused with Wizard Research Runes, are used by Magi who wish to gain skill in research without the pressure of practicing on real research components.

There are eight types of practice runes, and two runes of each type - Azia and Beza.

Azia and Beza runes can be constructed by combining specific components in a Concordance of Research. There is no skill required for this - the Magic of the Concordance is responsible for the transmutation of the components into Azia and Beza Runes.

Once the Azia and Beza Runes have been acquired, the Magi may practice her research by combining these Runes in her appropriate research book - a Lexicon for a wizard, a Book of Dark Bindings for a Necromancer, etc.

All Runes require a Quill and a piece of Parchment as well as other specified components.

Source: Ingame book