Qeynos Ironforge Exchange's Basic Guide

Qeynos has rebuilt itself countless times over the Ages. The constant thread that weaves its way through our city is the quality of the goods produced and the services provided by our own residents. We all have skills and talents to share with the community. The Qeynos Ironforge Exchange gives our creativity an outlet that is not only good for our artistic nature, but the city as well. -- Baron Kaefrin Ironforge, Qeynos Ironforge Exchange

The life of an artisan is not for everyone, yet those who answer its call prosper not only in body and spirit but also in mind. And of course, once cannot overlook the financial gains possible through hard work and dedication to one's art. Being an artisan is not a path for everyone, but those who follow this way of life find it worthy of their time and effort.

Your first step upon arriving at your new village home is to speak with that village's steward. Once you have settled in, please seek the Wholesaler for that village to learn more about your village's needs. The village Wholesalers are the first step for all artisans, whether your dream is to become a great Scholar or Craftsman. Remember that every journey worth taking begins with a single step.

The village Wholesalers are familiar with the needs of the local population. They will test your mettle by asking you to find and bring back a variety of resource materials. Please do not be discouraged! This is an integral part of the learning process. Once you learn where to harvest your resources, you will earn the trust and respect of the Wholesaler, who can then offer you more advanced assignments.

Every artisan's skills and desires can take them on different paths through life. You will find new doors open to you as you continue to grow and prosper as a local artisan. Being an artisan is not a lonely way of life, though you can certainly work alone. Other artisans may seek your skills or your knowledge of local resources. Work together towards building a better community, while maintaining your individuality.

By learning the basics with the Wholesaler, you are building your reputation amongst other craftsfolk like yourself. They will learn to trust you to do your best at whatever task is before you. Over time, you will build your own clientele of satisfied customers who clamor for your work. Qeynos is filled with many beautiful things. We look forward to adding your work towards the enhancement of our city!

Source: Ingame book