How to Dye and Stain

Dyes are made from the extracts of plants and other organic material. You must go out and collect items from the environment to make the colors you desire.

Some include: permafrost crystals, evergreen leafs, sarcoscypha fungus, russet oxide, jack-o-lantern fungus, iron oxide, and charcoal.

Once you have collected an item, one who is skilled in the art of alchemy or poison making can extract the colors. This is done by combining it with a flask of water and an empty vial. This will create the extract.

From here you must purchase resin, a medium clay jar and combine it with the extract. One, two, or three resins combined will provide a different shade of the color.

Staining your Armor:

To apply your product to a piece of fine steel plate, you must forge the armor with lacquer, the dye, and a jar of acid.

Once this process is finished you will not be able to remove the stain from your armor.

Source: Ingame book