Qeynos Catacombs Creature Cataloging

The city of Qeynos is built over a series of ancient aqueducts. In slightly more recent times, parts of these aqueducts were converted to catacombs in which the city's fallen have been buried. Therefore, one will find an intriguing mixture of ancient waterworks and burial crypts beneath the city's streets.

The Qeynosian catacombs coil for many sprockets beneath Qeynos and the villages built against its walls. Entrances are somewhat scattered and as with any new construction over ancient stones, there are still unexplored regions among the twisting tunnels.

For the most part, the areas beneath the city have one weather pattern: dark and damp. However, as befits an area designed in part by elves and dwarves, the catacombs include architectural details that allow ambient light to filter into even their deepest reaches. This gives those who find themselves beneath the city glimpses into the decorative arts of those long-ago builders.

Waterways through the Qeynos catacombs provide more than enough moisture for various flora to survive. The lack of light, however, prevents any of these plants to reach any substantial height. Generally speaking, one will be able to readily identify only thin grasses between the pavers, some black lichen and a handful of fungi.

The primary form of wildlife in the catacombs are the usual underground denizens -- rats, snakes and insects. Various bats are also widespread through the various levels. One must also be cautious as rumors say that the Bloodsabers, once thought defunct, are now regrouping and using the catacombs as their headquarters.

Source: Ingame book