Before Green

This is known as the Age of the Snake. The snake race known as Shissar, slithered upon Kunark. The Iksar had yet to unite. Our people had yet to learn the Black Arts and the ways of Fist and Tail.

Divided, the Iksar were enslaved by the snakes. In the centuries before the Green, the Iksar were slaves of the Shissar. They ruled from the ancient city of Chelsith which rest deep within the land now known as The Overthere. From here would sprout much evil. The Iksar were tortured like Frogs and suffered at the hands of the Shissar. The Iksar who showed genius were to help the snakes in their dark rites. These few were the seeds of rebellion. The Iksar began to plot a revolt, but a greater force would strike first.

The Shissar were an arrogant race. The power bestowed by the gods was not enough. They made pacts with other gods and demigods. They found the rifts of time and space and used them to gather magic items once held by the guardians of the planes. The Shissar's disloyalty and blasphemous pride would bring the wrath of the gods upon them. No power could stop the force to come. A green cloud formed in the skies above Kunark. The could began to descend upon the land.

From it's green core, the face of death began to form. It was of no god they knew of. It opened it's giant maw and spoke in tongues unknown. From the mouth of death rushed forth a green mist.

The Shissar shaman began to cast spells in hopes of shielding their city and the necromancers began to assault the mist with great weapons. All were futile. The mist rushed forth. The first snakes to be swallowed by the mist had their scales and flesh rot and fall from their bones.

Horrid screams of suffering could be heard from within the mist. A river of flesh and blood flowed. The Iksar stood and gazed upon the gristle that was once the Shissar. With the Green Death came the liberation of the Iksar.

The season is now 0 A.G, After Green.

Source: Ingame book