Lect'Zadh says to you,"I speak for the Godking. I am the record of residence. Who do you inquire about?"

Lect'Zadh says to you,"The Godking Anuk is the founder of the City of Life, Ahket Aken. He is also the prophet of the lost Goddess of Life, Anashti Sul. Long ago did he discover her lost shrine within the Elddar Empire. Through her forgotten words he rose from the ranks of the Elddar Empire and cast free the Dal religions. He is the only known chosen prophet of Anashti Sul. He is the all powerful ruler of Ahket Aken and is the harbinger of the gift of Anashti Sul, the gift of undeath. The Godking Anuk resides in the Inner Temple of the royal districts of Ahket Aken. "

Lect'Zadh says to you,"Dalgin B'Dynn is a recent acquisition to Ahket Aken. He is a half elf that hails from the city in the sun Maj'Dul. He betrayed his uncle for riches and found himself in the fields of Ethernere. He has been given new life within the City of Life. He has no permanent dwelling as of yet."

Lect'Zadh says to you,"The Ancille of D'Morte is a nameless handmaiden to Malkonis D'Morte. She is responsible for his well being and the maintenance of the Temple of Blood. She drowned within the waters of the Fyr'Un. In keeping with her wishes her body was cremated in the Censer of Nief'Dakt. Her vital organs were placed in secret compartments beneath the Pools of Ahket Aken. Should Malkonis ever wish to speak to the essence of his ancille he need only activate the crimson switches of each of the four pools to acquire the organs needed to burn the magical censer. "

Lect'Zadh says to you,"Malkonis D'Morte is a high ranking resident of Ahket Aken. He is the Teir'Dal pilgrim that entered the city from afar. He brought with him the Ewer of Sul'Dae, the powerful urn used by the lost goddess Anashti Sul, to create the river of life, the Fyr'Un. In return for this sacred artifact he was granted refuge within the hidden city. He once dwelt with his consort, the Rin Priestess of Fyr'Un, in the Temple of Blood in the Priestess Court of Ahket Aken."

Lect'Zadh says to you,"Malkonis D'Morte secretly began to hold bloody rituals within the Temple of Blood. Along with his consort he led many Ahketians into his chambers never to be seen again. If not for the great gift of the Ewer of Sul'Dae and the frequent, neccessary ewer rituals performed by his consort, the Godking would not have tolerated such atrocities. The secret bloodlust of Malkonis and the Rin Priestess of Fyr'Un would be kept a great secret for decades until the city's demise. "

Lect'Zadh says to you,"Malkonis D'Morte's current location is unknown. The only one that is able to divulge his whereabouts is the Ancille of D'Morte, mummified."

Source: NPC dialogs